10 Colours You Need To Make Your Home the Most Fashionable One in 2017

A new year calls for new beginnings, and what better way to begin start anew than giving your home a little makeover? It doesn’t even need to be a major renovation, a simple change of colours here and there will do.

Pantone has released their spring 2017 report on the most fashionable colours for next year: a mixture of bright and earthy colours.

pantone-color-swatches-fashion-color-report-fall-2017Photo credit: Pantone

Based on the list, there’s something for everyone and every room. We’re here to give you some ideas on how to incorporate these trendy colours into your home to make it the most fashionable one in 2017!

Paint your living room a Primrose shade of yellow

primrose yellow living roomPhoto credit: Pinterest

Yellow is such a cheerful colour, which makes it a really suitable shade for the walls of your living room. A bright and jovial colour creates an equally amicable environment for you to mingle with your family and friends.

Get some Pale Dogwood curtains

pale-dogwood curtainsPhoto credit: homedit

This is a very soothing colour, and we think it’ll look great as bedroom curtains. The shade gives a gentle and soft impression, looking at it makes us feel really relaxed too!

Get some Hazelnut in the kitchen

hazelnut kitchenPhoto credit: Hammersmith Atlanta

The current trend for kitchen cabinets is to have them in ‘traditional’ colours. Since you can’t run away from having wooden-coloured drawers and shelves in your kitchen, try this shade of brown for it. This pale colour will give your kitchen a modern and homely feel.

Make your bathroom an Island Paradise

island-paradise bathroomPhoto credit: Bathroom Design Ideas

Blue suits the bathroom the best. No other room seems to be able to pull off the colour blue so naturally. Tile your bathroom up in Island Paradise colour, and you can relax in the shower imagining it as a tropical island paradise.

We need some Greenery to help us study

green-highlighted-study-room-interior-designPhoto credit: HYKits

Greenery is a very refreshing colour. It makes the brain feel fresh and rejuvenated, hence we recommend that you have a feature wall or cabinets in this colour in the study room. It makes studying all the more easier and calming, even when the assignment deadline is less than 24 hours away!

Set the cushions on fire with Flame

flamePhoto credit: Alice Megan

Of course we mean figuratively. Flame is a really bright and warm colour, it’s best to use it for smaller objects in the room. Bright orange cushions captures attention and can instantly brighten up a room at any time of the day. It also creates a friendlier vibe in the living area.

Pink Yarrow for the pink lovers

Photo credit: Houzz

If you love pink, this is the colour for you. Just like Flame, this bright colour is best to be used for smaller objects, such as cushions and duvets. It’s definitely a really cheerful colour, at the same time really versatile so you can have this anywhere in the house!

Try this shade of Niagara Blue for your bedrooms

blue bedroomPhoto credit: Real Simple

This is a cooling and calming colour, just like the gushing flows of the Niagara Falls. We recommend you to use this in bedrooms as it could help make the hot Malaysian weather more bearable during the dry season.

Have some Kale on your plates

kale platesPhoto credit: nefsisuret.co

You can actually incorporate kale into every room of your house. Our favourite, we have to say, are these Kale-coloured dining ware. Dark green dining ware is so rare that when you have a set at home, it will definitely turn heads.

Feel regal with these Lapis Blue cushions

lapis-bluePhoto credit: Modern Furniture

Lapis Blue looks like it only exists on velvet fabric. The blue looks so rich, luxurious, and elegant that we’re sure it can light up the most ordinary rooms. A set of sofa in Lapis Blue will make your room look like the living area of a five-star suite!

Still not very sure on how to use these top 10 colours in your home? Our contractors are always ready to help you with big decisions like these. Just fill in the forms for the services you want, and we’ll be sending you free quotations so you can compare and choose. Happy styling!

written by Esther Chung