10 Most Romantic Bedroom Designs For Couples

Keeping the spark alive is an essential part of maintaining a strong relationship with your partner. Couples usually book a staycation, a romantic holiday overseas, or create sweet surprises to add some spice to their relationship every now and then. That’s all fine and dandy, but what if we told you that the simpler, cheaper, and more effective way of reigniting the love spark lies in your bedroom?

Couples often forget that the bedroom, a place where they spend most of their intimate moments in, plays an important part in their relationships. The space where you frequent can affect your mood, which is closely related to how you react to your partner.

With that said, we’ve listed some decorating ideas for your bedroom that you can try:

1. Starry night


bedroom with fairy lights
Photo credit: Indeed Decor

Lighting candles are dangerous and definitely not something you should use in the bedroom in the long term. Instead of candles, put some fairy lights in your bedroom! They can really set the mood for a romantic evening. Besides, they’re inexpensive and aren’t difficult to install.

In fact, you can even go for a ‘freestyle’ design: on the headboard, around the edges of the bed, on the wall, etc.

2. A bed of roses

bedroom with rose motifs and colours
Photo credit: Design Simple

Life may not be a bed of roses, but that doesn’t mean that your bed(room) can’t be. Red is a passionate colour, and so are rosy hues. Get some rose-coloured bedsheets or curtains for your room to get this cosy and sexy design.

3. Warm and cosy

bedroom with caramel-coloured walls
Photo credit: Knudson Interiors

A study found that bedrooms with warm colours (eg. caramel, orange peel, bronze, etc.) can stir up more passion in couples. You can try this by painting the walls a shade of bronze, getting sheets in brown, or have wooden flooring installed.

#4 Blackout

romantic bedroom with dark curtains
Photo credit: Vanessa DeLeon

Designer Eric Cohler recommends thick and dark curtains to make your bedroom sexier. Curtains can be used to shut the sun out, making the bedroom more relaxing and cosy. This is great for those days when you just want to stay in bed a little longer for some snuggling.

5. Princess-themed bedroom

four poster bed with curtains
Photo credit: Lonny

There’s something incredibly romantic about a four-poster bed – especially those that looked like they belong to some fairy tale princess. You don’t necessarily need a canopy or curtains for your four-poster bed (they’re not really practical in the Singaporean climate), just pair it with comfy sheets and you’ll have a really romantic bedroom already.

6. Soft and comfy

bedroom with soft sheets
Photo credit: @mariasnest / Instagram

Bedrooms with soft linens and fluffy pillows make this personal space like a getaway. Think back to the most comfortable hotels you’ve stayed in: aren’t the sheets and blankets super soft and comfy? Bring in a soft carpet to complete the romantic look!

7. Romantic wallpapers

bedroom with floral wallpaper
Photo credit: Digs Digs

Wallpapers can create a romantic effect with their sophisticated textures, something a simple paint job can’t create. Choose wallpapers with an antique pattern if you have a four-poster bed; or a modern one if your room is decorated in soft hues.

8. Go Floral

bedroom with floral bedsheet
Photo credit: canhothecentury.co

Floral-themed decor and home items always give out an elegant and classy vibe. They can also make a bedroom look really sensual and romantic. You can try this look by getting floral sheets or wallpapers.

9. White sheets and wooden frames

wooden bed with canopy and white sheets
Photo credit: HGTV

White on wood may remind you of the island honeymoon you had a while ago. This simple and rustic combination will bring back many sweet memories and reignite the passion of those early loving days.

10. A playground of colours

romantic bedroom with colour contrast
Photo credit: Twaslkom

Bold and contrasting colours can make a bedroom look romantic too! It’s all about contrast: red and black; orange and white; blue and yellow. This makes your bedroom look young, fun, and exciting at the same time!

Not really sure how to go about making your bedroom look more romantic? Get some help from our experienced contractors here! Just fill up the form and let us know what are your preferred elements for a romantic bedroom, and we’ll send you some quotations to choose from!

written by Esther Chung