1111 Taobao Home Shopping Tips

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The highly anticipated day that all shopaholics look forward to every year is finally approaching. 11/11, otherwise known as Singles’ Day, is back! It is no secret that Taobao is the best place to shop on 11/11, especially for home furniture or decoration at heavily discounted prices.

However, before you make your purchase, here are some tips on what you should look out for, or prepare prior to 11/11, to avoid any disappointment.

1. Basic Chinese is essential

We all know we can’t escape having to read Chinese when shopping on Taobao. If you’re not the best in Chinese, just find a friend to be your translator! Otherwise, you can always use Google to translate, though that process is definitely more tedious. Alternatively, you can use Lazada, and everything would be in English, though the range would not be as extensive as what you can find on Taobao.

2. Download the app

Trust us when we say it’s a lot easier to browse through Taobao on their app, which is very intuitive and user friendly. You can see everything at one glance, and their algorithm is also smart enough to recommend you products you’d like based on your previous searches. Saves you a lot of time, and a lot easier to scroll when you’re commuting!   

3. Use images to search for what you want

This is what makes the Taobao app phenomenal. You can upload screenshots from Google or Pinterest of the furniture style you’re looking for onto the Taobao app, and they would sieve through their marketplace and find you similar styles! This makes shopping a lot easier, and needless to say, efficient.

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4. Check through the reviews

This is a very important step. Make sure the item you like have good reviews, and it would be better if a lot of people have bought it before (at least above 100 previous purchases). Since your purchases would be shipped from China, you wouldn’t want to land yourself in a predicament where it is not ideal, or different from the image the seller posted. With all the shipping charges, it would not make sense to ship the item back and request for a refund. So make sure the seller is reliable!

5. Ensure the dimensions are right

Make sure the item you want to get is in the right dimension. Our advice is to not purchase something that fits snuggly into your space, because the size may end up slightly off. Here’s where the reviews are important! Check if any buyers reported a difference in the dimensions, from what was promised. Ultimately, when in doubt, ask a professional (like your interior designer) for second opinion.

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6. Count the delivery charges

Shipping from China can get very expensive. Make sure to count your delivery charges properly, or you may end up paying more for your shipping than the item itself! Also, be careful if you’re getting items that are breakable and fragile. Shipping charges may increase for these items due to the extra care needed. If shipping is too expensive, you can try purchasing via Ezbuy’s Prime feature, where shipping only costs $2.99 regardless of weight.

7. Add everything into your wishlist

If all the above are satisfactory, add the item you like into your wishlist! It helps you secure your item and cart out quickly on 11/11 itself. Adding items to your wishlist also helps the Taobao app recommend items of similar styles to you, and spare you the hassle of searching for them yourself.


With that, we hope you have fun shopping! We all love great deals, and there is no better time to score them than on 11/11.