13 Home Superstitions You (probably) Should Believe ?

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Halloween is fast approaching, and to add on to the spooky vibes, we’ve compiled a list of 13 home superstitions that you (probably) should believe and avoid. ?

P.S. You wouldn’t believe the 13th one. 

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1. Don’t cut your nails at night

Folklore has it that if you cut your fingernails at night, you would attract angry spirits into your home, especially during the month of the Hungry Ghost Festival.

2. Don’t have chopsticks in odd numbers

Make sure that you have an even number of chopsticks in your drawers at home. It is believed if you have an odd number of chopsticks, you’re actually inviting spirits to dine with you in your home.

3. Don’t open an umbrella at home

Opening your umbrella at home is seen as an act of disrespect to the rain god, whom will then summon bad luck to rain upon you.

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4. Don’t whistle at night

Whistling at night is believed to attract spirits into your home. Any brave souls game to try whistling and cutting your nails concurrently at night?

5. Don’t keep a rocking chair

According to Irish folklore, an empty rocking chair invites spirits to reside in your home. You’d know you’re spooked when your rocking chair starts rocking by itself.

6. Don’t use an old broom in your new home

Now, this is commonly known to be a taboo. Never ever use an old broom to clean your new home, because it sweeps in bad luck into your new haven!

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7. Fix all your clocks

If your clock stops ticking, it’s best to fix it immediately. A broken clock is believed to symbolize the end of time (i.e. the end of one’s life).

8. Don’t put your shoes on the table

In the past, it was a tradition in the mining industry to place the boots of a miner who has passed away on the table, as a form of respect. Thus, doing the same is seen as tempting death upon oneself.

9. Don’t keep flowers that are red and white alone

Victorians believe that red and white flowers signify an impending death in the family. Thus, it’s better to keep your vase of flowers colorful!

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10. Don’t have mirrors in front of your bed

Mirrors are traditionally believed to trap one’s soul. Coupled with the belief that our soul temporarily leaves our body when we are asleep, many avoid placing a mirror right in front of their bed.

11. Don’t keep cactus

Don’t be deceived by the Pinterest trend of displaying cactus at home! Known for being thorny, it is believed to cast a thorn in the family’s relationship, and possibly sow discord at home.

12. Touch wood!!!

If you’re one of the rare ones who have all of the above at home, here’s one superstition, supposedly powerful enough to turn all of that around. Just touch wood lah!

Now for the final one…

13. Don’t use your phone when you’re lying down

We’ve left this for the 13th superstition, because it is believed to be really “suay” if it happens to you. This rarely happens, but prevention is always better than cure, right? Even touching wood would not save you from this, especially if you use your phone on your bed at night because…









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Do you believe in any of these superstitions? Or have you heard of them? Let us know! 

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