3 Common Aircon Problems You Should Be Aware Of

We all experience very hot and a generally humid climate throughout the whole year, therefore having an air conditioner is a necessity. However, a faulty ac unit can cause many health-related risks and decrease your productivity level. Here are three common aircon fixes you should be aware of to ensure your aircon performs at its best.

Faulty Aircond Compressor

The aircon compressor is one of the most integral parts of an air conditioner and is usually located outdoors. An aircon contains a motor with start and run windings to circulate the refrigerant for heat exchange through indoor coils and outdoor ac units. However, if you notice weird noises coming from your compressor’s motor, it can indicate there is an issue developing within your aircon system. 

Fixing your aircon compressor issues can increase the unit’s efficiency and prolong its life. You can hire an experienced expert to examine your aircon compressor and fix the issues immediately. If you need help, think Kaodim!

Filthy Aircond Filters

Once the unwanted microorganisms have built-up within the aircon system such as dirt, debris and even mould, it can prevent your aircon from running properly and be at risk for a repair. The good news is regular cleaning, will help your aircon keep cool and clean and minimise potential fixes. That’s why you should opt for our Aircon Chemical Cleaning one flat rate across any horsepower. 

Air Leakage 

Air leakages can cause your air conditioner to reduce cool air and increase its wear-and-tear. For instance, if the refrigerant leaks, it may produce an obvious noise and cause your aircond to cool inefficiently, and even put your health at risk, causing headache, fatigue, dizziness and more. 

If you are in this situation, fret not! Our experts are here to help. Book our Kaodim Aircon Repair service as soon as possible to reduce the risk of damage to your aircon and health. 

Regular maintenance and check-up of your aircon is important to ensure your aircon is working at its optimal efficiency.  Book our Wall-mounted Aircon Chemical Servicing (Chemical) now at only SGD90 to provide you with a high-quality aircon service done by our professionally trained experts! Book now with promo code FORECAST10 to enjoy up to 15% OFF and request a reservice if the service is below expectations. If you need help more than the cleaning, you can opt for our Aircon Repair service and our professionally trained experts will diagnose and address your problems.