3 Easy Ways To Pack Your Move Like A Pro!

One of the key steps to make your move a little more hassle-free is having a systematic packing process. Often people find the process overwhelming and frantic because of how confusing it may be to determine what stays, what leaves and to donate or sell. But don’t worry we are here to help you, here are 3 ways to pack like a pro! 

Fragile Goods 

Avoid mixing goods that are fragile with heavy items that can lean and break your glass, mirrors or favourite vase. Instead, compile them into a box and label fragile items, but don’t make the mistake of packing all fragile items loosely as they can still break with enough impact. Another good item to standby when packing fragile goods is bubble wrap, this can ensure that your items are protected and are at less risk of getting broken when transported. 

Colour Labels 

One of the quickest and effective tips when packing is to give a colour label to your goods. For example, label it blue for kitchen use, such as an oven, pans, plates, cups or perhaps yellow for items in the living room, and so on and so forth. By doing this, you can easily remember and identify what’s inside the box quickly and effectively for an easier move. Psychological studies have shown colours being able to influence your memory performance. 

Separate clothes and personal needs for 2 weeks

After packing all the items at home, you are advised to pack clothes and personal needs for 2 weeks separately. This is recommended because you will need quite a long time to unpack and re-arrange your items in your new place. By doing this, you don’t have to open many boxes and cause a mess. 

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