3 Reasons Why You Need Your Aircon Chemically Cleaned

Bryan Wen Sheng Ng

Is your aircon not producing cold air but instead releasing hot and dusty air? If the answer’s yes then it’s most probably time you for you to get an aircon service. Here are 3 reasons why you need to get your aircon chemically cleaned.  

Maintains the lifespan of your aircon and saves you more money in the long run

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Many might think because the aircon at home is working fine so what’s the need to request an aircon service. Little do you know, by actually getting your aircon serviced regularly you can save yourself some cash.

An aircon collects does not just collect dirt and dust in the months when it is running, but continuously throughout the year. Because of the accumulated dust and dirt that is stuck in the filter, it reduces efficiency and uses more energy to run. An average aircond loses 5% of its overall efficiency every year it goes without proper professional maintenance. Systems operating at peak efficiency can cut monthly energy costs by up to 25%. 

Getting your aircon serviced regularly can help protect important parts in the aircond. Instead of having to change the whole unit or spare parts, you can just have your aircon serviced to ensure your unit is working at its peak performance. 

Potential Health Risk 

Regularly servicing your aircond will also reduce the amount of health risks for you and your family. Clogged aircon filters filled with dust and dirt will allow larger particles into your home. The cold air produced by the aircon will not be healthy and possibly contain dust particles which can cause irritation of the eyes, coughing, sneezing, hay fever and asthma attacks.

If you don’t get your aircon cleaned often, germs and bacteria will just build up over time. When you turn the aircon on it simply is just recirculating those germs throughout your home, the more you’re exposed to sickness-causing germs, the more likely you’ll get sick.

Why chemical cleaning has more benefits than normal servicing

Chemical cleaning and aircon servicing are almost similar procedures but chemical cleaning is more detailed and cleaning orientated.

A normal aircon servicing consists of tasks like basic vacuum and cleaning, checking aircon components like filters, outdoor condenser coil and vacuuming the air filter, indoor evaporator coil and drainage system. 

Chemical cleaning is cleaning your aircon’s machine using chemical-based cleaners. Instead of vacuuming parts like the air filter and indoor evaporator coil, chemical cleaning uses chemical-based cleaners to clean the dirt and dust that is built up over time. This helps to wash away the accumulated dust and dirt on the internal parts, thereby increasing the cooling efficiency of your system. 

Chemical cleaning also helps reduce corrosion, and control or eliminate moulds. Having a timely aircon chemical clean can definitely benefit you. Since all the parts are completely cleaned, your aircon can now perform as good as new. Chemical cleaning clears out all the dirt inside your which may hinder the conduction of the heat. 

Chemical cleaning will also eliminate germs and bacteria in the parts of the aircond such as the air filter, front panel, cover and indoor evaporator coil. The built-up of germs and bacteria will no longer be recirculated throughout your home, thanks to the help of the chemical cleaning.

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