3 Things you can organise during this lockdown!

As all the countries are impacted by the coronavirus, Singapore among others are currently facing the lockdown, which has led to more time to observe your space and see what you can get organised! Here are 3 things you can tidy up:

Your Closet

Since you’ll be staying at home for the next few weeks, it is the perfect time to clear your closet. Having a neat closet is the gateway to having an organised life. Firstly remove all your clothes and begin sorting out the items you don’t want, and the items you can’t live without. Once you’ve decided, start placing the items you still want back into your wardrobe, and categorise them based on colours or occasions such as work, events and athletic wear. 

Your kitchen cabinet


Organising your kitchen cabinet will help motivate you to make more delicious meals, and make the cooking process easier. First, take out the unwanted items from the cabinets and begin throwing away the expired items. Secondly, remove items from their packages and begin placing them into jars or containers and label them, this will give your cabinet a fresh look and help you save a ton of space. Also, make sure your kitchen is clean to keep it even tidier! If you need more help with even deeper cleaning you can book our UltraCare Disinfection Service to rid of germs and viruses from your home!

Organise under of your bed

The space under your bed can be very convenient for storage. The major advantage of storing items under your bed is that the items are out of sight. Storing things such as luggage, shoes, folding guest beds and others is a great way to save space. But you do want to make sure that only essential items are under the bed, and not turn it into a dumping ground for junk! 


We hope these were helpful tips that can help you get organised! Remember to spend your quarantine time wisely. If you need extra assistance for your home repairs, you can book our home essentials now for aircon repair, plumbing and more home emergencies. We have your back!