3 Types Of Germs Making You Sick

Germs are no joke, they can damage your immune system and get you sick. Germs wreak havoc in many areas including your food, sofa, countertops and many more. Here are 3 types of germs making you sick.


One of the most common of germs is E.Coli and this bacteria stays in the intestines of humans and animals like cows, goats and sheep. You can find E.Coli in foods such as raw meat or poultry and contaminated water. Besides food, this bacteria can be found on your kitchen sink, cutting boards and fridge doors too! The symptoms of an E.Coli infection contains food poisoning, vomiting and diarrhoea which can last 5 to 10 days.

Hence, you need to cook meat well to avoid E.Coli transmissions. In addition to this, be sure you clean your kitchen appliances thoroughly on a daily basis to ensure your health while cooking.

Fungi and mould 

Most fungi are harmful to your health, especially black mould. These fungi can flourish on the surface of your new mattress, carpets and even your upholstery. This is because these places are a moist environment and the condition is plentiful enough for fungi to spread.

A quick hack to get rid of it naturally is to use the power of the sun as the UV rays can kill the mould effectively, you can leave your mattress outside for as long as possible when the weather is very hot. If you need help with mattress cleaning, book Kaodim and our experienced cleaners will come to you once the Circuit Breaker is lifted.


Coronavirus has become rampant in the whole world now and it is a common virus that causes a contagious effect in your nose, sinuses and upper throat. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), researchers found that the Coronavirus can live on the hard surfaces like faucet handles, brass doorknobs, plastic chairs for several hours, or even several days! The main symptoms of Coronavirus include fever, coughing and trouble breathing. 

Besides maintaining your personal hygiene, get your home protection too! You can wipe all the high-touched surfaces by using alcohol-based products to reduce viruses or germs.

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