3 Ways Your Aircon Is Keeping You Healthy

We experience really hot climates throughout a whole year, which makes having an aircon even more ideal, as it does not only help you keep your cool but it also helps keep you healthy. Here is how. 

Decreased chances of asthma attack

Humidity is a big problem for asthma sufferers, therefore, it is important to control the humidity in your home in order to lower the possibility of an asthma attack. According to Mayo Clinic, running an aircon not only decreases humidity in your home but can also reduce the amount of mould, pollen and other airborne outdoor particles that can potentially lead to asthma symptoms. Cleaning your aircon filter regularly can lower your risk to indoor allergens like dust mites too!

Improve sleep quality

One of the tips to improve your sleep quality is keeping your bedroom cool. If you’ve ever woken up in the middle of your sleep drenched in sweat, you must understand how fretful that can be. That’s the reason why you should install an aircon as it can keep your bedroom cooler and regulate the temperature throughout the night. Experts suggest that 25 degrees is the best aircon temperature for sleeping, with this room temperature, you’ll find that your overall sleep quality will improve.

Prevents home appliances from overheating

We are able to know when our bodies are getting too hot, but your home appliances can’t always remind us when they are. There are some appliances in your home at risk of overheating like the oven, vacuum cleaner, fridge and others. Overheating not only can do serious damage on appliances such as shortening their lifespan, and also put your home at risk! An aircon can actually improve your safety in maintaining a cooler temperature throughout your home during this hot weather.

The aircon now becomes an indispensable appliance in our home and saves our life! If you need to get your aircon cleaned, book our aircon chemical cleaning service now to ensure you’re breathing in the best-conditioned air and our experienced experts will come to you once the Circuit Breaker is lifted. Book now and you can request for reservice if you are not satisfied with the service.