3 ways to make your office clean and comfortable during this time.

Some of you are probably returning to business as usual and maybe spending your days in an office space. However, with the current virus still at large, it is a great idea to practice good habits to ensure your office is clean and comfortable, here’s how.

Clean Office Supplies

It’s been quite some time since you have returned to work, this has caused plenty of items to start accumulating dust and dirt like your chairs, desks, and other office equipment. To give your office supplies a quick clean is to wipe down items with a wet cloth, or you can book office / commercial cleaning to create a cleaner working environment.

Using An Air Purifier 

Air can be one of the mediums for the virus spread because it can come from droplets. Having good air circulation in the room where employees are active, is a must. One of the latest and easiest technologies that can improve air circulation in the room is an air purifier. This tool comes with plasma cluster technology which is proven to be able to deactivate the type of Coronavirus or feline coronavirus (FCoV). Air purifiers can be installed on every side of your office to give employees a sense of safety and comfort at work.

Disinfecting and sanitizing

This is an important step to avoid viruses that currently exist. A study has proven that the current coronavirus can last up to 5 days and is difficult to kill even at a very cold temperature, therefore regular cleaning is never enough to make your office free from viruses. Therefore disinfect your office to kill 99.9% of harmful germs, viruses, and bacteria.

Besides that, you can also place several bottles of hand sanitizers that contain at least 60% of alcohol so that the employees can always sanitize their hands to keep them and the environment safe.

Provide a germ-free environment for your employees, especially during this global pandemic outbreak. We are committed to helping you stay safe and get your business back on track by lending you a hand during this new norm, book our commercial disinfection and residential disinfection to create a safe and healthy environment around you.