4 Types of LinkedIn Profile Photos That Will Get You Hired

Having a stunning resume on LinkedIn isn’t enough for today’s jobseekers – you’ll need to look good too. Looks do matter, unfortunately, as stated in this study. People with attractive photos attached to their resumes stand a higher chance of being called in for a job interview.

But don’t fret just yet! The good news is that there are ways to make yourself look more photogenic and professional in your resume photos. Here are 4 types of display photos that have gotten people their jobs:

1. Photos That Shows Your Teeth


Research found that hiring managers find people who smile with their teeth more likeable than those who don’t. Get that perfect smile for your LinkedIn profile photo by putting your tongue behind your two front teeth.

Remember to practise a few times in front of a mirror before you snap a photo.

2. Photos With A Clean Background

asian-woman-smiling-professionalPhoto credit: pinterest.com

A plain-coloured background is your best friend. You want the hiring manager or recruiter to be focusing on you instead of the background of the photo. Pose in front of a white or beige wall or backdrop for the best effect. Plus, you don’t want any photobombers or distracting designs at the back to snatch people’s attention away.

3. Photos With The Right Outfit

business woman smiling into camera

Dress the part, look the part. You want your potential employer to be able to visualise you in the role that they’re hiring for. Do some research about the company and the role, find out the preferred dress code, and dress accordingly.

It’s not good to look too casual if you’re applying for a risk management position in a multinational company.

4. Photos That Show The Candidate Looking At The Camera

Beautiful college grad school student at the library studying fo

It’s very important that you look at the camera and smile for this photo. This will create the illusion that you’re establishing eye contact with the recruiter or hiring manager. Avoid wearing sunglasses or hats as these might shield your eyes from them, which might make you look less trustworthy.

Don’t be shy, look at the lens and flash your pearly whites!

It is worth investing some time and money to get the best photo for your LinkedIn profile as this affects your employability. Best to hire a professional photographer for this instead of using your smartphone, and it won’t cost you too much! You can check out Kaodim for a list of professionals who do portrait photography at an affordable rate, and get that dream job now!

written by Esther Chung