4 Ways To Energise A Small Space

Contemporary living room with white sofa - rendering

Living in an apartment has its perks. You do not have a lawn to look after, you do not have to be as cordial with the neighbours, and the security is great! But every high comes , with a low… and in this case, it’s the lack of space.

Have you always dreamed of unleashing your inner designer, only to be disappointed by the limited space you’re left to work with? Here are a few awesome tips to revamp your home and get those creative juices flowing!

photo of apartment loft living roomPhoto credit: uforeality.com

1. Build A Loft

If your apartment has high ceilings, why not hire builders to create a loft for you with the extra space? Loft-living is very popular in cities with a high apartment density. It makes your home look extra chic and it saves you so much space. If you’re not afraid of heights, you can turn the loft into your bedroom or into a cosy reading corner.  The simple step of adding an extra “floor” to your apartment will make a huge difference, and now you have more space to work with!

2. Segregate Your Space

Rooms add depth to the house if you have a large space, but if you live in a studio apartment or a one-bedroom apartment, that can be a problem. Not to worry, you can layer out your limited space easily. Try creating “zones” to fill the normal needs of a house. For example, you can drape a curtain in the middle of the room, separating your sleeping quarters to your hall or your television area. In addition, you could also place large sofas in the middle of the room to create the separation illusion as well.

melbourne apartment living room sliding doors
Photo credit: dwell.com

3. Minimise The Need For Large Doors

Sometimes, large wooden doors are inconvenient for small apartments. So why don’t you replace those doors with sliding doors? Sliding doors save space, are customisable and super cool to look at.

Interior of a living room with shelves and sofa with pillows.

4. Maximise Your Walls

If you have extra wall space, then go to the hardware store or hire someone to install railings or shelves for you. You can use the railings as a makeshift closet in replacement of a huge piece of furniture. Furthermore, shelves just make everything much more organised and neat.

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