5 Awesome Things to Do With That Extra Nook and Cranny

Every home has that odd corner that is too small to be turned into a functional room, yet too large to be wasted. You may be at a loss of what to do with these small spaces, so perhaps they’re being left as they are in your home. However, with the right decor and furniture placement, you can and turn them into functional or semi-functional spaces.

These are some ideas that can help kickstart your creative juices and set you on the path of transforming your nooks and crannies:

1. Turn it into a cosy reading corner

Photo credit: Apartment Therapy
Photo credit: Apartment Therapy

Place some large fluffy cushions or a bean bag for a quiet reading corner away from the main space of the room. It helps if the corner is close to a large window that can let in natural light for easy reading in the daytime. A lightweight bookshelf will also be great, so you can stock up on your favorite titles. A hanging garden seat will bring a little of the outdoorsy feel indoors and function as a great way to cozy up.

2. Turn it into a beverage station

Photo credit: Decoist
Photo credit: Decoist

This is an especially good idea if a particular odd corner is situated off the living room. Park a small table there and stock it with tea and coffee-making tools, including a coffee machine or a hot water dispenser. This little beverage station will come in useful when you entertain your guests.

3. Turn it into a family organization centre

Photo credit: Pottery Barn
Photo credit: Pottery Barn

Hang a notice board, have a storage for bills and set up a place where your entire family can leave messages for one another. This is a great way to get your children involved and start crafting things for the organisation spot. You can also hang up schedules for chores and put up everyone’s individual timetables.

4. Add some greenery

Photo credit: The Honeycomb Home
Photo credit: The Honeycomb Home

If you’re not keen on adding anymore furniture to the area, then a good idea would be to put one or more potted plants there. Don’t worry about putting plants into any part of your home, even the bedroom, as the carbon dioxide from plants isn’t high enough to be toxic.

5. Create an extra storage space

Photo credit: Just Out of Home
Photo credit: Out of Home

Put a hanger for extra clothes, or build some cabinets to store bits and pieces. Every corner becomes very important for storage, especially if you live in a small home where storage is a constraint. Consider installing ceiling cabinets so you can maximize the corner for yourself.

Every little corner in your home is precious and has a personality and character that’s just waiting to be brought out. Decorating your home will help it come alive and truly showcase your own tastes and preferences too. To help you transform any one of your odd corners, you can contact any of our home improvement experts and renovators, who will no doubt lend you a hand.

written by Michelle Chee

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