5 of the Best Colours For Your Dining Room Revealed

Not many people know this, but colours can influence us in ways we’ve never dreamed of. In fact, the psychology of colour is a legitimate scientific subject, and many academics acknowledge the power of colour in influencing moods and emotions.

You can bring this science into your home, particularly into the dining area, where colours can actually influence your appetite. Here are the top 7 colours best suited for dining rooms:

1. Shades of Red

Photo credit: Delorme Designs
Photo credit: Delorme Designs

Red promotes liveliness and social interaction, as well as keeping the mood cheerful and upbeat. It is also believed to increase appetite, which is why Spanish restaurants are huge fans of deep red. You don’t have to pick too bright a red, and maroons or wine red are great to create an elegant dining atmosphere.



2. Subdued Orange

Photo credit : Bob Vila
Photo credit: Bob Vila

Orange will help keep you alert as you dine, and is often associated with stability, warmth, comfort and coziness. It’s great for creating an atmosphere of hospitality and general comfort for everyone, and helps in food digestion too. You can balance out the orange by adding beige or wooden highlights.

3. Yellow

Photo credit: Decoist
Photo credit: Decoist

Yellow promotes happiness, and happy people tend to eat better and digest their food more efficiently too. Yellow makes a room feel more spacious, and is associated with sunny and cheerful days spent outdoor. Pair muted yellow walls with white highlights and fresh flowers for the ultimate outdoors brought indoors.

4. Turquoise

Photo credit : Zonewallpapers.com
Photo credit: Zonewallpapers.com

It’s really important not to confuse turquoise with blue. Blue has been proven to decrease appetite and turn people away from food. Turquoise on the other hand, is a brilliant colour associated with freedom and rest. It’s often used on plates and dishes in restaurants, especially on dessert plates as it’s known as an appetite stimulant.

5. Green

Photo credit: Tokyostyle
Photo credit: Tokyostyle

Green advocates freshness and people seem to always to attracted to this colour as it gives a sense of being close to nature. Green dining rooms also promote healthy eating. However, you should be careful what type of green you choose for your dining room as dirty green isn’t quite suitable. Instead, pick a fresh shade of green that makes the room look bigger and brighter.

Colours to Avoid

While the colours mentioned above help you dine and socialize in comfort around the table, there are also those that really won’t help you or your guests if you sit down to dinner. Colours like deep grey and dark brown are often associated with muck and grime, so they’re best suited outdoors. Blue has been shown to suppress the appetite as the human brain seems to associate it with chemicals and artificiality.

Colours are a matter of taste, so if you find a shade that suits you, go ahead and paint your dining room in that shade. Just remember not to go overboard and paint anything in extremely bright hues and always add hints of cream, beige or white to soften its effect. Our expert home painters on Kaodim can offer you a word of advice or two, and give you a brand new wall of your choice. For more information on Kaodim – who we are, what we do, and other services that we offer – check out our main site here.


written by Michelle Chee