5 Designing Secrets For Ultimate Productivity At Home

The age-old question of whether working at home is better compared to the office setting is still up for debate, and while most urban professionals would prefer the former, we all are guilty of unproductivity when we attempt to work from home. Distractions and a lack of motivation can discourage productivity and self-discipline. However, to dispel the notion of home office productivity would be unfair, because famous bloggers like Xiaxue work from home all the time. In fact, many startups all stemmed from homes before burgeoning into offices and international branches.

What you need is a home office in your apartment that encourages productivity, so here are some helpful tips to help you create the workspace of your dreams!

1. Maintain The Division Of Your Work And Personal Life 

Modern OfficePhoto credit: homemydesign.com

Working from home has its perks, but you have to be careful… especially when your bed and TV are right there for you to fall back into procrastination whenever you want. Find a quiet space that is the most convenient for you. Your bed is a terrible place to work from because you’ll just end up snoozing and procrastinating, so find another corner of your room or even delegate a separate room in your home for the office. Make sure you are able to tune out everyone else as well as any type of entertainment that isn’t related to your work.

2. Design Your Home Office With Productivity In Mind

Elegant Home OfficePhoto Credit: wellingtoncountylistings.com

When designing your dream office, you might feel compelled to go overboard on certain items like expensive sofas and fancy TVs. But are those expenditures really necessary? Don’t forget that this is a space for professionalism, and not just another room in your house. You need to design it with productivity and functionality in mind. For a start, allocate sufficient space in the room for your desk and work equipment. Remember that your shelves, storage and desk should serve you, not vice versa. And install an aircond if things get too warm.

3. Let Nature In

Natural OfficePhoto credit: decoist.com

Never box yourself in a corner, where all you see are the walls. How depressing is that? This will cause your productivity to plummet. So set up your office near a window with a good view of your garden or the gorgeous city skyline. Add a plant or two for that dash of tranquility and inspiration.

4. Declutter

Declutter your officePhoto credit: decoist.com

Once you have an idea of your ideal workspace layout, the next important thing you need to do is declutter. Go through all your old files, bills, letters and purge whatever you don’t need. Throw out broken items and treat this process as a chance to turn over a fresh leaf in your life. If you need a hand with the cleaning, just contact our helpful home cleaners at Kaodim.

5. Add Your Personal Touch

Office DecalPhoto credit: SirFaceGraphics.etsy.nz.com  

Lastly, choose art and furniture that encourage your creativity. It’s always nice to work in a soothing environment that inspires you to generate new ideas while keeping your productivity level in high gear. The higher your spirits are, the more efficient you’ll be.  

Designing your home office is no easy feat, so if you need some ideas from expert interior stylists, drop us a service request on Kaodim and we’ll gladly connect you with our amazing home renovators. Our dedicated cleaning companies will also be thrilled to help you tidy your space, because we understand how tiresome it can be to declutter and clean at the same time. It’s time to kiss procrastination goodbye and raise your glasses to productivity!

by Tashya Viknesh