5 Important Things To Know Before Moving into Your HDB

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Moving is always an exciting thing… and a tiring one. So many furniture, so little time, and so little people to help you with that. On top of that, relocating to another HDB in Singapore comes with its set of rules and regulations. Fret not, we’ve prepared some tips to help make your move a smooth and trouble-free one:

1. Take Note Of The Allowed Moving Times

moving boxes

You will need to submit a moving form to your flat’s management office before you get the movers to start work. The permitted times you to involve movers are:

Weekdays: 9am till 5pm
Saturdays: 9am till 1pm

Movers are not allowed to help you move in and out of your HDBs on Sundays and public holidays. So make sure you book the movers for the right time.

2. Purchase An Insurance For The Move

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This is just in case your furniture get damaged or lost in the process of moving. These are not common if you engage a high quality moving company to help you with the move, but accidents may happen. To avoid the heartache at having lost a good sofa, table, or vase, it’s best to pay a few extra dollars to ensure that you get your money back if it happens.

3. Apply For Season Parking

hdb-parkingPhoto credit: gov.sg

All HDBs offer season parking. So if you own a vehicle, be sure to check the rates and parking availability before moving in.

4. Pack And Move The Items That Are Least Used First

packing boxesYou should only be moving the larger and most used items on the last day. Start packing the items that are least used on a daily basis first – these will be the things you’ll be moving to your new place in the earlier phase. Things like these include decorative items, least used clothes, books and so forth.

Essentials and other frequently used items like brooms and selected cooking utensils should be the last things you bring over.

5. Pack And Label Your Boxes According To Their Rooms


The easiest way to make sure nothing is left behind is to pack everything that belongs in the same room in the same box. Be sure to label the boxes as well so you don’t need to open them to decide which room they should go to. This also speeds up your unpacking process when you’re in your new home.

Moving is not meant to be done by you and your partner alone. You will definitely need help when it comes to moving large and fragile items, and the professionals are the best guys to assist you with all the heavy work. They’re also experienced in wrapping and handling packages. Let us know the types of services you require on Kaodim, and we will get our movers to send you their quotes so you can compare rates and study their service profiles on our platform.

written by Esther Chung