5 Reasons Why You Should Get Candles As Gifts For Christmas

With the festive season soon approaching, everyone’s wrecking their brains on what gifts to get for Christmas. Here’s our recommended gift of the year – candles! Candles are one of those gifts that would never go wrong (plus, they don’t cost a bomb). Here’s 5 reasons why candles make the perfect Christmas present. 

white votive candle near plant pot

1. Great for Home Decoration

We can’t deny that candles are aesthetically pleasing, and who wouldn’t love some nice home decor? The good thing about candles is that they fit into any home setting easily, and adds that touch of warmth to a home. It also sets up a romantic ambiance at home (thus, making it an even more perfect gift for newly-weds *wink).

2. Long Lasting

Candles can last for a really long time – especially if you get those that are in a big jar. It makes for a gift that has longer mileage, and a thoughtful one at that, since it can be used multiple times.

3. Benefits from Aromatherapy

Most candles you can find in shops these days are scented, and would definitely bring your receiver many benefits from aromatherapy. Candles that are lavender scented are known to help one relax, and  are perfect when lighted up at night before sleeping. Alternatively, scents like lemongrass have practical uses in chasing away bed bugs, and giving one a good night’s sleep as well. Some people even put these candles in the toilet to get rid of any odour!

4. Perfect for (Awkward) Gift Exchanges

Now… don’t we all have one (or maybe more) awkward gift exchange every Christmas? Maybe you have to get a gift for someone you don’t really know, or that the santee you picked has no wish list. This is when getting a candle would solve your problem! Trust us, getting a candle would make for a better gift than a random pouch, or butter cookie gift set.

5. You Can DIY!

Candles are very easy to DIY, and you can customise and make your own for your friends! Such a thoughtful gesture, don’t you think? Make them in small jars, and it would make for a good door gift for guests when you’re hosting a Christmas party too. You can even decide on the scent you’d like to have.


So, have you got your candles yet? Also, while you’re getting the candles for gifts, add on to the Christmas vibes and get one for your own home too!