5 Steps To Cutting Down Clutter In The Bathroom

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You know you’ve been neglecting your bathroom’s hygiene and appearance when you spend ten minutes sifting through the stuff in the bathroom just to find your hairdryer, or when you try to find your shower cap but end up discovering that toothbrush you lost 6 months ago. Bathroom clutter is bad, period. Cut the clutter by following these simple steps!

1. Purge Your Stuff 

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The bathroom is one of the places that contains the most amount of germs and bacteria. So chuck your old stuff out before you start getting sick. Old medicine, expired makeup and empty bottles of shampoo all need to go. The more you store and keep, the more bacteria they collect.

2. Shelves To Reduce Bathroom Clutter

shower caddy for bathroomPhoto credit: hsw.com.au

After you’ve thrown away all the expired and unwanted stuff, the next step is to organise your remaining products. Most HDBs in Singapore come with tiny bathrooms, so space is always a struggle. How do you solve this? Add more storage space! Buy a hanging organiser or a shower caddy that you can place in the shower to be more organised.

3. Follow The “One In, Two Out” Rule

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For every new thing that you add into your bathroom, throw two things out. Apply this rule with your shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and anything else in the bathroom that doesn’t deserve its space anymore.

4. Deep Clean Your Bathroom

yellow gloved hands cleaning the toilet bowl in the bathroom

After you’ve tossed out the unwanted items and moved things around, the next thing you need to do is to get down and dirty and clean up every nook and cranny of that bathroom. You need to scrub and shine all parts of the space until it looks and smells great. Deep cleaning is required every month or two to make sure that the mildew growth is kept at bay. 

5. Keep The Surfaces Clean & Clear

bathroom-surface-marbleworkssandiegoPhoto credit: marbleworkssandiego.com

Don’t clutter the surfaces of your sink with a selection of perfumes, body gels and other products that only contribute to the mess. Have one little plant at most – and then keep the rest of the surface as clean and uncluttered as possible.

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written by Tashya Viknesh