5 Things Not To Do When Your Pipes are Clogged

This is probably the most disgusting thing to ever happen in your kitchen or bathroom. Clogged pipes are a nightmare to have and an even bigger one to deal with alone. So before you start panicking or try to save the day by being a pipe hero, read this list of things you shouldn’t be doing:

1. Don’t pour chemical solutions down the pipes

Water into clogged pipes
Photo credit: The Gimmicks

The bottle may say that the chemical “won’t damage pipes”, but the opposite is more true. Not only will these chemicals damage the pipes, it might cause you harm as well due to its strength. Amy Matthews, a licensed contractor in Minneapolis also said that these solutions aren’t very environmentally-friendly. Mixing different solutions together to get rid of the item clogging the pipes could even produce toxic fumes.

When it comes to using chemical substances, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

2. Don’t try to flush it

water pressure into clogged pipe
Photo credit: Apollo Home

You might think that some water pressure could help you flush away the pesky thing clogging your pipe; yet in actuality, this is just a waste of water. A relatively large clog coupled with high water pressure can result in a burst pipe. Water might even rebound and you’ll end up with a wet kitchen or bathroom.

If the clog is a minor one, you could try to flush it away with a kitchen spray, but nothing bigger than that.

3. Don’t try to do DIY plumbing with a plumbing snake

plumbing snake with brush
Photo credit: Ali Express

There are different types of plumbing snakes and not all of them can be used for every pipe. Using the wrong type of plumbing snake to unclog your pipes may result in damaged sinks and pipes. You might even hurt yourself if you’re not accustomed to using it. It could even create a bigger clog if your pipes are already corroded.

It’s best to leave the heavy duty equipments to the professionals.

4. Don’t try to create your own plumbing tools

DIY plumbing with clogging item
Photo credit: DIY Network

It’s not the best time to try your hand at plumbing tools innovation when you have a seriously clogged pipe. Using improper tools to unclog your pipe will only make the situation worse. Not only will you not solve the problem, you could damage some other components with improper plumbing tools.

5. Don’t pour vinegar into the clogged pipe

pouring vinegar into clogged drain
Photo credit: Mom 4 Real

You’ve probably read or heard of this before: vinegar mixed with hot water is the common home remedy to clogged drains. While it may help you remove minor clogs, pouring vinegar down the pipes will also make the pipes rusty.

It’s best to first assess the situation before attempting any home remedy or DIY plumbing. Chances are that these will make what was supposed to be a minor clog into a major plumbing SOS. Call a plumber if you’re not sure what to do – fill up this form and tell us about your situation, we’ll send you some quotations from our list of plumbers so you can get your pipes fixed as soon as possible. Remember, some things are better left to the professionals!

written by Esther Chung