5 Trending Light Fixtures For Your Home

kitchen with bronze lights

When it comes to designing your apartment, every aspect counts, including selecting appropriate lighting to bathe your space in a pleasant glow. There are several questions you should always ask yourself before purchasing a new light fixture – such as, “Does it match the overall theme?”, and “Does it really earn its place in the room, or is it a waste of space?”

Having the right lighting will help you to perform tasks easily and instill comfort and peace throughout your home. Bear in mind that each room in your house is unique, and would require its own set of lighting accents. For instance, you shouldn’t stick a chandelier in your tiny bathroom, no matter how pretty the chandelier may be. And it would be a little awkward to install strobe lights in the kitchen.

With that said, here are some cool light fixtures that will turn on the designer in you, and how to pair them.

unique light fixtures

Bronze Caged Pendant

Hipster-esque lighting is stirring a wave in cafes across Singapore, and now, homes! These lights would go well with a brick-exposed wall, or in a kitchen with plenty of steel or wooden accents.


interior design apartment

The Hanging Basket

You’ve got a lovely interior that replicates a rustic Parisian apartment. Now all you need is a decorative light fixture such as the hanging basket, suspended over the dining table that illuminates the room in a gentle, elegant fashion. This looks best in spaces with light-coloured walls and neutral tones.

glass vase lights interior design

Glass Vase Bulbs

Your savvy kitchen would definitely benefit from these modern-minimalist lights. Unfortunately, because they’re not strong enough to light up the entire room, you might need to install ceiling lights or another floor lamp to keep the space well-illuminated.

newdarlings living room

Boho-Inspired Arrow Lights

We’re big fans of New Darlings, and this young American couple never fails to inspire us with their exquisite taste in furniture and lighting. A statement lighting like that pretty much claims attention on its own, so avoid installing it if you have other ceiling lights in the same room, because the varying designs would clash.

fairy lights bedroom

Fairy Lights

Last but not least, fairy lights will cosy up any room with its gentle, warm glow. Most people prefer to fix them in bedrooms, but feel free to experiment with them around your apartment in the kitchen and living room. You don’t exactly need a certain design aesthetic to incorporate fairy lights into your place, because these lights are very versatile and will naturally lend any environment a soft, rustic brilliance.

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