6 of the Most Beautiful Hotels in Singapore

Singapore isn’t just a regional financial hub, as many tourists stop by this island nation for a short break. Many come here to revel in the warm tropical weather while savouring local attractions. This is the reason why Singapore is filled with plenty of hotels, inns and hostels, from hipster backpackers to luxurious 5-star hotels that cater to your every whim and fancy.

Many of these hotels are works of art, all featuring their own themes and styles. Here are six of the most beautiful ones in Singapore to check out:

1. Fullerton Bay Hotel

Photo credit: Fullerton Bay Hotel

The Fullerton Bay Hotel is decorated in a contemporary colonialist style that offers guest an amazing view of Singapore’s bay area. Long glass windows ensure that the blue bay is always a part of the decoration, which is mainly done in white and off-white hues with many earthy tones. Rooms are cosier and feature darker shades which are glamorous and elegant.

Photo credit: Fullerton Bay Hotel

2. Hotel Mono

Photo credit: Hotel Mono

Located right in the middle of Chinatown, Hotel Mono is a new breed of boutique hotels that are based on the minimalist interior decoration trends that are all the rage among hipsters right now. Almost everything is either black, white or shades of grey making it really beautiful in its monotone.

3. Vagabond Hotel

Photo credit: Vagabond Hotel

Once you walk into the Vagabond hotel, you’ll be transported to a style befitting Paris in its heydays of the 1920s, where swing and flapper girls were all the rage. The heavy red drapes and armchairs in the lounge are bold and sultry, while the rooms are rustic with floral wallpapers and multiple small pictures in frames above the bed.

4. The Warehouse Hotel

Photo credit: The Warehouse Hotel

This beautifully restored heritage godown by the banks of the Singapore river has a large and spacious interior that is covered in steampunk-inspired decorations as well as a contemporary hipster take on things, as can be seen in the bare walls. The rooms are slightly different from the common areas and feature a very subdued theme.

Photo credit: The Warehouse Hotel

5. Wanderlust Hotel

Photo credit: Wanderlust Hotel

The Wanderlust is a boutique hotel where each room features its own decorative themes that are often either futuristic or whimsical. You can take your pick of rooms and be assured that there will be plenty of photo opportunities in the hotel which you just can’t miss.

6. Raffles Hotel

Photo credit: Raffles Hotel

Raffles Hotel is one of Singapore’s most recognizable landmarks, but it has now partially closed in order for sensitive restoration works to take place. The Raffles interior is largely heritage themed interior design in keeping with the building’s identity as one of the only hotels from the 1890s to have survived the test of time.

Photo credit: Design Reisen

If any of these hotel designs have inspired you, you can always turn your bedroom or even your entire home into a luxurious space that looks fit to be a hotel. The first step is of course to get into contact with any of our renovation service providers who can guide you through the process.

written by Michelle Chee