6 Bedrooms You Would Love to Wake Up In Every Morning

Bedrooms are places that are often associated with rest and relaxation, a shelter from the challenges of life as it were. However, our bedrooms are also where we wake up each morning, so it’s important for it to be a place where we can wake up refreshed and motivated to start the day.

Here are some examples of bedrooms that are great to go to sleep in, but more importantly, great for waking up in:

1. The Green Abode

Photo credit: Lee’s Corner

Research has shown that plants promote rest and releases oxygen during the night to ensure that you breathe clean air. Plants are able to naturally remove pollutants and toxins from your room, keeping the air fresh and clean. The belief that plants release only carbon dioxide at night is erroneous, as plants also convert CO2 into oxygen at night, ensuring a calming atmosphere.

2. Bright and Cheerful

Photo credit: puput.us

Bedrooms that are good for waking up in should have large windows that can let in the natural morning light. Our bodies thrive on morning sunlight, which helps regulate our biological clocks and provide our bodies with Vitamin D. Avoid having blackout curtains and have semi-transparent ones instead.

3. Decorated to motivate

Photo credit: Idolza

There’s nothing like reading your favourite quote in your bedroom in the mornings. It reminds you of what keeps you going, or is your driving force. Bedrooms like these are a joy to wake up in, as long you remember to keep the colours cheerful and full of life. Pastels and greens are great choices as they pair well with motivational messages.

4. Minty green freshness

Photo credit: Puput.us

Putting in elements of light blue or minty green into bedrooms will ensure that upon waking up, your eyes are greeted with pleasant colours that promote a sense of liveliness and exhilaration. Apart from these colours, yellow and orange are great as waking up colours too. Try and incorporate your favourite lively colour into your bedroom for that extra push in the mornings.

5. Clean and clutter-free

Photo credit: Trendir

Bedrooms that are great for waking up in, are also those that are good to sleep in and nothing promotes good sleep more than a neat and organized bedroom. Bedrooms that have no clutter and have a minimal amount of things strewn about is one that will make your eyes feel energized in the mornings, as opposed to feeling closed in by your belongings.

6. Comfortable and soft

Photo credit: Trendir

Bedrooms have to be comfortable above all, which means that you have to spend time finding the right mattress and pillows that really fits your needs. It also helps that your window doesn’t face a busy road, as this will interfere with your sleep, causing you to have difficulty waking up in the mornings. Here, a portion of an old factory has been turned into a spacious home with a modern bedroom that’s flooded with light.

Bedrooms are very personal and private spaces, which is why extra care should be taken about their design and style. Put a smile on your own face every morning by making sure that your bedroom is an excellent place to wake up in. Our renovation teams at Kaodim.sg are here to help you make your bedroom aspirations come true, with just a click and swish.

written by Michelle Chee