6 Easy Steps to a Timeless White Kitchen

White is serene and beautiful. It is a timeless colour, and if you want to incorporate an all-white theme then you have to do your bit of research work well. A white kitchen will demand your time and attention. If you take some time out and check online, you will be quite amazed to see that the elements required for a white kitchen are quite reasonable and are widely available.

I am an interior decorator by profession, and I have got several requests for designing white kitchens recently. Take a look at some of the things you have to do in order to get this done. Earn compliments for the brilliant décor of your kitchen through the following easy steps.

Getting The Walls Done

white kitchen walls in pretty kitchen
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Now the first thing you need to decide is whether you want to adorn your kitchen with bright colors or not. If you don’t, then painting the walls in white or decorating the walls with white wallpaper is a great idea.

And if you want some colors then, you can invest in wallpapers with colors like red, black or purple which can add quite a glam factor to the kitchen. Wallpapers with intricate and unexpected designs can be a beautiful break to a completely white kitchen.


colour stools in all white kitchen
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Add charm to your white kitchen with the help of some classic and beautiful furniture. Get some stools and chairs that will suit with the rest of the theme perfectly. Then again, you have to make sure if you will get completely white furniture or colorful ones. If you are settling for the latter, then make sure you pick a pop color for them. Orange, neon green or turquoise can give it a stunning contrasting look against an all-white interior.

Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen cabinets
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Next comes the kitchen cabinets. Before you choose any random design, take the measurements properly so that the fit is perfect. Also, calculate how many drawers and cupboards you will require so that all your utensils, cutlery and other essentials can make a place with ease. As an interior decorator, I give special emphasis on this element as it plays a major role in determining the overall look of the kitchen. Contact a good company for a durable and sturdy white cabinet. Make sure that you read reviews before purchasing from them.


Kitchen Cabinets
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The countertops of the islands need adequate planning. Apart from white, charcoal gray or black countertops can work wonder for a mystic white kitchen. Granite, marble and quartz are some of the most popular materials for kitchen countertops. These materials are reasonable, durable and are easy to clean.


marble backsplash kitchen

Planning the lights is extremely crucial. A well-lit area is not only pleasant but also makes it safe for working. Pendant lights offer ample illumination and are extremely elegant. Recessed lights look stunning in modern interiors and also provide appropriate illumination for busy areas like the kitchen.


kitchen appliances black and white
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White appliances add fresh appeal to a kitchen as a whole. Search online for knowing about the best manufacturers. Arranging them on black countertops looks amazing.

Apart from all these, metallic touches here and there can pump up the glam quotient of a kitchen. Whichever kind of space you choose, make sure that every element complements each other and are of a good quality. Contact Kaodim for quotes from professional contractors if you’re planning on renovating your kitchen! We bring you the best guys at affordable rates.

Guest Author: Sean Graham, an interior decorator, shares with us a few tips on how to facelift a kitchen with white kitchen cabinets He has also asked to contact a reputed Kitchen Cabinet Wholesaler to get the right cabinets, appliances, lights, and countertops for a successful renovation in the USA.