6 Ideas For An Eerie Home Interior Design

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Fans of horror movies, and all things spooky… ever thought of living in your own horror home? Here are 6 ideas you can take inspiration from, to achieve that eerie home interior design! 

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1. Coffin bed

Why sleep in a normal bed, when you can sleep in a coffin bed? Beds that resembles a coffin are actually available for sale! Vampire fans, rejoice, you can now sleep in a bed that makes you feel truly at home. Just make sure you don’t get trapped inside after you close the lid.

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2. Spooky Window Film Design

This is a good way to scare your neighbor in broad daylight and make them take a second look at your apartment. For those of you living in a landed property, this may be more effective than having a guard dog. Simply cut your window film into the silhouette you want before installation.

3. Eerie wallpaper

As with all things gothic, we recommend you go with darker colours, or choose images of forests or the woods. Alternatively, old Victorian themed floral wallpapers (yes the kind you see in all eerie western movies) would work too. If all else fails, just choose a paint colour that is dark and ominous, like grey and black, and have it painted in messy strokes.

(Image Credit: Love This Pic)

4. Lighted candles

You know how horror movies are, somehow the lights are never switched on, and the only source of lights come from lighted candles. To get the chill-down-your-spine vibes, don’t just use any other candle. We recommend the ones in the image above for the optimal spooky effect!

5. Skulls

Skull decorations are somehow getting more trendy, you can even find them coated in pastel pink. However, if you’re a spooky villain, then that’s obviously not for you. Getting a life sized skeleton that’s used in biology classes would do the trick.

(Image credit: Smithsonian)

6. Dolls Display

Despite all the movies made telling of the eerie consequences of keeping dolls at home, people still treat them as a collectible. If you’re going for the eerie vibe, displaying your collection of dolls would easily turn any corner spooky. You’d only have yourself to blame if that really invites bad jujus into your home though.


Would you dare to incorporate these into your interior design?  If so, you’d be glad to know we can Kaodim something like that too.