6 Projects You Should Never Ever DIY

“If you don’t know/own 90% of the tools and accessories you need for a project, then pro it,” recommends MyFixItUPLife‘s Mark Clement.

The amount of Do It Yourself (DIY) blogs and articles out there makes everyone ecstatic to DIY their own home maintenance projects in hopes of saving money. However, you should know that there are some projects that you should never ever meddle in. Certain jobs are way too dangerous and complicated, and if done wrongly, the cost of fixing the damage would outweigh the actual cost it took to prevent it.

1. Air Conditioning Repair

Rear View Of A Man Cleaning Air Conditioning System

You might think that servicing the aircond yourself will save you some extra cash, but you could not be more wrong. Firstly, it’s dangerous and secondly, it’s inconvenient. Repair specialists use expensive equipment which is impractical for a normal person to have. Instead, hire our air conditioning professionals to help you service your AC in a jiffy.

2. Being An Amatuer Photographer for Someone’s Big Day

Photo credit: udemy.com

We would all love to help our friends out in a pinch. But if it is something as important as a wedding or a graduation, you should not offer to help if you are not a professional photographer yourself. Just owning a DSLR does not make you a professional. You would not want your friend to look back and regret not hiring a pro on their big day. Furthermore, the weight of the task will fall on your shoulders and this could create unnecessary tension within your friendship. So do them a favour and hire a professional from Kaodim.

3. Home Additions and Structural Repairs


While Ryan Gosling single-handedly built that big white house from scratch for his beloved Ally on The Notebook, it doesn’t mean you should. Think twice before renovating your own house alone – because you’re definitely going to need professional assistance. Having expert renovators to complete the task will quicken the process, eliminate potential injuries and guarantee a job well-done.

4. Plumbing Repair

plumber fixing pipe

Clogged sinks and toilets in your apartment are easy enough for you to repair. But anything bigger than that should be left with the professionals. Never try to fix the main pipes, install a new shower unit or a new toilet by yourself. These things are immensely complicated and are best left to the experienced hands of a well-trained plumber.

5. Electrical Wiring

Hands of electrical screwed energy saving light bulbs

Doing this yourself runs the risk of electrocuting yourself, changing the polarity of the entire wiring system of your home and a major power outage. What’s worse is if it happens, you have to pay a professional electrician so much more money just to fix the mess you made on top of the original problem you already had.

6. Repairing The Roof

roof_restorationPhoto credit: chaseroofing.com

If you live in a double-storey home or a single storey for that matter, do not try to repair your roof by yourself. It’s bad enough with a broken roof, you don’t need a broken back as well. If you need to replace the shingles or fix a leak, hire one of our home maintenance professionals to help you get the work done.

There are heaps of easy and fun DIY cost-saving projects that you can do, but these are certainly NOT the ones you should try by yourself. Some projects are best left to the experts. Here at Kaodim, we are prepared to help you get the services you need at really affordable rates! Whether it’s roof repair, house cleaning or painting, we have the right guys for the task.

written by Tashya Viknesh