6 Smart Storage Hacks For Small Rooms That You Need To Know

A common problem Singaporean families face: having 999 things at home but zero storage space. Sure, you can just leave them on your desk or stuff them into your cupboard, but it’ll only create unnecessary clutter that you’ll stress over when your friends and family come to visit.

Before you start complaining about how small your unit is, try these storage tips first:

1. Hide Your Dirty Laundry… Behind Your Door

purple laundry bag behind doorPhoto credit: apartmenttherapy.com

No one needs to see it but you. Instead of reserving a corner of your room for it, just hang it behind your door. 

2. Evoke Wardrobe Envy With Suspended Heels

shoe-crown-moldingPhoto credit: houzz.com

So you have one too many heels and getting a new shoe rack is out of the question because there’s not enough space for it. Display your heels by hanging them on crown moldings. It’s like owning your very own shoe store.

3. Create Storage Under Your Bed

storage-box-under-bedPhoto credit: cher.buscachiste.com

Unless your bedroom is tatami-style, there’s bound to be some space under your bed. Instead of using it to gather dust, store some rarely-used items there and put them in sealed containers so they don’t collect dust.

4. Float Your Stuff

floating-shelvesPhoto credit: pinterest.com

5. Use Magnetic Force

magnet-wallPhoto credit: gearhungry.com

There are a couple of household items that are made from steel and iron, so you can store them like the previous ‘floating’ method too, with the power of a magnet. Just stick a slab of magnet on the wall, and let it hold your kitchen gear.

6. Get A Table-Cupboard

pull-down-deskPhoto credit: CNB Homes

A cupboard that’s also a table; or a table that’s also a cupboard. A pull-down desk helps you save that extra floor space, and also provides you with another place to store stuff.

We hope these simple storage hacks manage to help you optimise your home space. Most of it involves installing hanging shelves and bars, which you can easily get done with any of Kaodim’s home renovators.

Whether you need a shelf fixed or an entire chunk of your space refurbished, we’ve already pre-screened our contractors to ensure that they are experienced and legit professionals to get the job done. Just fill up the questionnaire regarding the installation services you require, and we’ll send you quotes from our service providers for you to choose from.

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written by Esther Chung