7 Amazing Cleaning Tips To Make Your Life Easier

You’re busy, we know. And cleaning the house isn’t exactly your perfect idea of a fun weekend. But don’t take hygiene for granted. 

While you’re at it, don’t neglect to clean your fan blades, ceiling, window blinds and other places that you might often overlook. Our talented designer created these illustrations below to show you how you can start cleaning with ease!

1. Clean the blades of your ceiling fan with a pillowcase 

cleaning ceiling fan

It’s a simple trick. Just drape an old pillowcase over the blades and swipe through, so the dust falls conveniently into the pillowcase.

2. Sweep the ceiling with a broom

clean ceiling with broom

The ceiling shouldn’t be neglected. You don’t need to get up on a ladder to clean the ceiling all the time. Just slip a cloth over the bristles of your broom and secure it with a thick rubber band, and now you can start sweeping all that dirt away.

3. Baking soda removes the grease from your dishes 

washing dishes with baking soda

Baking soda is an amazing cleaning agent that helps to break down the greasy or crusted food clumps gathered on the plates while eliminating bad odours! It’s a healthier and cheaper alternative than your local detergent.

4. Clean your computer keyboard with cotton buds

clean keyboard with cotton bud

Cotton buds can be used to clean the dust and dirt that has accumulated between the keys on your keyboard.

5. Clean greasy stoves with vegetable oil and a paper towel

clean greasy stove with vegetable oil

Oil splatters can’t be avoided when you’re cooking. Dab some vegetable oil onto a paper towel and wipe or scrub the surface of the stove for a quick polish.

6. Remove juice stains from carpet with shaving cream

remove carpet stain with shaving cream

Wow, who would’ve thought of using shaving cream to get rid of juice stains? It’s a genius trick indeed.

First, squirt some shaving cream onto the carpet stain and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes. Using a damp sponge, rub gently to avoid ruining the fabric. It’s important to work the cream from the outer edge of the stain towards the middle, so you won’t risk spreading the stain. You could also vacuum the shaving cream away, depending on the type of vacuum you own.

If you’d rather not take the risk with an expensive carpet, hire our professional carpet cleaners.

7. Take care of coffee or tea stains with beer

remove coffee/tea stain with beer

Yes, another surprise. Beer now serves a good household purpose, as it has been proven to remove coffee and tea stains from the carpet. Before applying beer to the stain, dab out the existing liquid from the carpet and pour some room-temperature beer on it. Use a cloth to gently blot the spot repeatedly until the stain is lifted. Once that’s done, rinse that part in warm water to flush out the residues.

Overwhelmed by all the never-ending house chores? Let our professional cleaners help you with that. Contact Kaodim cleaners at affordable, fixed rates and you’ll find yourself one step closer to having a clean and tidy home!

written by Carissa Gan