7 Themed Bedroom Ideas for Out of This World Bedrooms

Themed bedrooms aren’t just for kids. Creating a themed bedroom for yourself is a fun project. It’s just like picking a costume for Halloween. Think of it as dressing up your bedroom in fancy dress. Not only is it fun, it’ll make bedtime a lot more interesting and you’ll definitely look forward to it more.

These are just some of the themed bedroom ideas we’ve found. Feel free to be inspired to create your own take on these of other themes that interest you.

1.Medieval Magic

Create a Tudor style bedroom with a heavy four-poster bed and draperies. Hardwood floor help add to the atmosphere, and you can create the illusion of antique brick walls with wallpaper. A horizontally round chandelier will be wonderful too, and don’t forget to add some wooden furniture, like a desk and large chairs.

Photo credit: Airmax 2014

2. A Day Out on the Beach

Not all of us can afford a beachfront property, so here’s the next best option. Here, brown carpets create the illusion of sand, and an outdoor beach table and matching chairs help you get into the holiday mood. The canopy over the bed stands in for a beach umbrella and the blue skies make everything nice.

Photo credit: Pinterest

3. Space Ship Blues

Floating in space isn’t a dream anymore when you have a bedroom like this. Stars and the milky way adorn the walls and the ceiling. The rounded bed brings that element of science fiction, and this is further emphasized by the almost alien-like table lamps. Faux windows above the headboard and on the ceiling makes it appear like you’re peering out of a space-craft into something unknown.

Photo credit: Hubpages

4. Fantasy Forest

A large hanging tree in the corner of this bedroom makes it look like something out of a Disney movie. Large flower shaped green rugs make it look like there are tufts of grass growing on the ground, and the grey-white wooden floors and walls create a natural and outdoorsy atmosphere.

Photo credit: Awesome Inventions

5. The Woods of Fairyland

This bedroom looks like it came right out of the set of Lord of the Rings, with a heavy carved wooden bedframe. The walls are filled to the brim with tree trunks, leaves, branches and berries, letting you feel like you’re sleeping inside a tree.

Photo credit: Runway Themes

6. The Bat Cave

Express your fandom in a big way by decorating your room with your favourite superhero. Here, Batman fans can sleep in a room that looks like the famous bat cave, with Batman’s logo hanging overhead as they snooze.

Photo credit: Hong Kiat

7. Happy Hawaiian

You don’t have to go all the way to Hawaii now that you can decorate your room in a cheerful Tiki theme. Bamboo will come in handy, as well as plenty of vibrant tropical colours.

Photo credit: Pinterest

You’re never too old to inject some creativity into your sleeping quarters. Just dream it up and there will be someone who can help bring it to life. Just trust our experienced renovators¬†¬†and turn your ideas into solid projects.