7 Things My Father Did For Me

Moms are the Queen of the family, but dads are the handymen of households. They might be busy with work most of the time but somehow find it in them to take on many fatherly responsibilities whether you appreciate – or realise – it or not.

So take a little time to reflect and think about what our fathers have done for us, which, really, can range from:


1. Being The Go-To Plumber

Go-to plumber
Image Credit: Pixabay

The reality of having indoor plumbing is it gets clogged. And it’s often on Dad and his strong arms to get things in order. From hairballs blocking shower drains to Power Rangers in the toilet (because which kid wouldn’t have flushed some down just to ‘see where they go’?) they’ve seen everything.


2. Play Ad Hoc Electrician


Ad Hoc Electrician
Image Credit: Pixabay


Dads were also responsible for keeping the wiring in check. He’s there to make sure the TV works and there’s lights at night, and figure out why the toaster oven isn’t toasting your bread. They do the fun things like tuning the TV and radio too, and as long as it’s analogue, he’s probably got it figured out.


3. Be Your Personal (Life) Coach


Life coach
Image Credit: Pixabay

Sporty dads will champion their kids, showing them the ropes on how to do proper pushups and pace budding runners. The 42km marathon or long-haul obstacle course suddenly feels much more fun when dad’s there along for the ride.


And if not the athletic stuff, dads will be there to give you pretty solid if not direct advice, teaching you invaluable life lessons along the way.


4. Fixing And ‘Personalising’ Furniture

Personalising Furniture
Image Credit: Pixabay


Remember those makeshift fixes to wobbly chairs and creaky doors? That odd table leg that probably came from a different set altogether? Dads are pretty resourceful when it comes to fixing old things around the house, from woodwork to ‘personalised’ scrappy furniture. Although sometimes overzealous dads end up biting off more than they can chew and suddenly there’s a hole in the living room ceiling because he underestimated the aim of his hammer…


5. Chasing Strays Out Of The House


Image Credit: Pixabay


You may be able to handle unwanted intruders like mice and cockroaches, but it’s great to have dad as support. But if it’s a rare monitor lizard or monkey wreaking havoc in the household, it’s on dad to defend the homestead.


6. Whipping Up A Quick Dinner

Quick Dinner
Image Credit: Pixabay

When mom’s away and dad needs to bring the literal bacon home, he’ll always try his best not to disappoint. Some dads may even be great cooks, whipping up a traditional batch of fried noodles on the fly. Or maybe it’s takeout pizza or a food box from the local food court. Whatever the meal, he’ll make sure your kids don’t go hungry.


7. Teaching You How To Do It Yourself

Image Credit: Pixabay



Dads pride themselves for being self-sufficient, resourceful, and handy around the house with whatever fix and improvement you can think of. So Do It Yourself home improvement projects are a good way from them to channel their dad-ly instincts and old-school frugality and practicality. He would even try and rope the whole family into one big D.I.Y home painting session for ‘bonding time’. But the best intentions can go awry when he doesn’t let the paint dry long enough or got the wrong footage for wallpaper…  


A huge mess for the whole family, sure, but imagine the amusing stories and long-running jokes you can tell every time the family gets together!

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