7 Ways To Increase Your Home’s Value With Marble

marble backsplash kitchen
Photo credit: Granprix

For centuries, marble has been deemed a stone of high quality, durability, and elegance. It was used in architecture and design since the era of the Romans and have even been found in ancient Egyptian tombs. In fact, this is a great building material as it isn’t prone to degradation and can last for hundreds of years.

In addition to that, the thermal conductivity of this texture is relatively high, making it cool to the touch and incredibly ideal for warm or humid climates such as sunny Singapore’s. Here are seven ways you can incorporate this elegant stone to increase your property’s value in the market:

1. Marble Countertops

Beautiful marble kitchen countertops
Photo Credit: Waterview Kitchens

The cold nature of this stone is ideal for kneading dough, so you’ll definitely benefit from such countertops if you’re a big fan of bread and baking.

2. Marble Flooring

Luxurious marble flooring
Photo Credit: suncityillas.com

Marble floors are certainly one of the easiest to clean and maintain. In a living room, cool marble diffuses leftover heat from the day, so you’ll feel cooler in the evenings and at night. Thanks to its natural reflective surface which doesn’t store any heat, it helps to reduce the temperature of the room.

3. Marble Furniture

Beautiful marble coffee table
Photo Credit: Architonic

Marble lends an aura of stability and groundedness to any room. Additionally, it also gives an impression of elegance and luxury. The great thing about marble pieces is that they flow well with any interior design theme. Its durability also means it will be able to withstand things like natural disasters, as well as the usual wear and tear.

4. Marble Stairs

Modern marble stairs
Photo Credit: Archello

This isn’t a common material for stairs in homes, as the stone is considered heavy. However, you can always opt for a layer of marble coupled with other lighter materials like wood or steel to create elegant and luxurious steps that are lightweight yet stable.

5. Marble Lamps

Special marble lamp
Photo Credit: Amaze Marble LLP

Heat-resistant marble pairs well with lamps, as light bulbs tend to generate a lot of heat while switched on. It will also help diffuse and reflect light, ensuring that light reaches further and effectively lights up the room. Needless to say, it effortlessly glams up any lamp you’ll want to include in your home.

6. Marble Bathroom

Luxurious marble bathroom
Photo Credit: Surfaces USA

Feel free to incorporate this texture into your bathroom – walls, sink, countertops, floors and even the bath tub. A small slab of marble will bring a dull-looking bathroom to life. Oh and here’s a piece of great news! You won’t have to worry about soap scum forming and sticking to marble, for this texture is less likely to retain scum as compared to regular tiles.

7. Marble Walls

Marble walls
Photo Credit: Zey Dekor

Nothing will make you feel more welcomed than a section of marble wall in your home, especially at the foyer or just opposite your main entrance door. This will add a touch of exquisite dignity to your property that no other material can.

Thinking about infusing marble into your home? Good choice. You can always ask the home renovators on Kaodim for the best places to incorporate marble in your house, how much it costs, and so forth. Submit a request today and we’ll send you quotes for free!

written by Michelle Chee