8 Absolutely Creative Ways To Paint Your Walls

The walls in your home aren’t just made to shelter you from the outside – they are canvases for creative expression too. How your wall is painted reflects the type of mood you want to set for your home. So, rather than leaving it blank or mono-coloured, here are some creative ways to paint them:

Give the walls some rough edges

painting on torn tape
Photo credit: 3M

Sharp and neat wall paintings are so boring, so let’s try to paint some rough edges on the walls instead. You can create wonders with a torn tape, like the one above.

Tear the tape horizontally before pasting on the wall. Pick a colour of your choice and paint up till the rough edges. You’ll get something that looks like this:

torn tape paint design
Photo credit: Alecia Stenseth

Paint with a sponge

sponge paint design with different colours
Photo credit: This Old House

Using a sponge to paint gives your walls some texture. You can do this against a white wall, or you can try to match two colours like these samples.

brown sponge painting
Photo credit: HomEdit

Stamp it

wall painting with flower stamp
Photo credit: Walmart

Don’t want wallpapers but you want some patterns on your walls? Buy some wall stamps and start stamping some patterns onto your walls!

You can also create some DIY ones with fallen leaves like this one:

leaf stamp on blue wall
Photo credit: IPC Images

Stencil designs

white lace stencil on pink wall
Photo credit: Royal Design Studio Stencils

If you can’t find the pattern you want in the stores, try printing it out on a large piece of paper and cut it out. Use it as a stencil paper and start painting! Damask stencils add so much sophistication to a room.

Paint a giant alphabet or number


typography wall with A
Photo credit: homedit

This is for those who have a favourite or lucky number or alphabet that they would like to integrate it into their homes. Football fans may opt for the number 9, usually reserved for the best striker in the team; while studious students may prefer the alphabet ‘A’.

It might sound crazy, but it’ll make your space look super modern.

Go geometric

wall painted with brown and grey triangles
Photo credit: The Clueless Girl

You can go crazy with shapes for this one: be it a giant circle, a hundred mini triangles, or a row of rectangles. The key is to use geometric shapes to decorate your walls.

You can brush your walls too

brushing blue wall
Photo credit: DIY & Crafts

Like painting with a sponge, brushing your walls after painting can create a lovely texture on an otherwise ordinary wall. Brush the bristles gently against the fresh paint to achieve a smooth and soft effect.

Make waves


blue waves painting
Photo credit: Etsy

Make waves with your wall painting skills, literally! Forget straight stripes, because waves make them look more modern and chic! You can paint actual waves like the one above.

Or you can do something more abstract like this:

purple and white painted waves
Photo credit: ShurTech Brands

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written by Esther Chung