How To Achieve The Most Creative Pre-Wedding Photos

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Pre-wedding photos are part of what makes your wedding the most memorable life event for you and your future spouse. Since these are taken in a controlled environment, this is your chance to capture the most perfect memory shared between the both of you. A photoshoot of the both of you holding hands in the Singapore Botanic Gardens looks sweet, but that looks pretty much like everyone else’s engagement photos.

Want to bring yours to the next level? We have some cool suggestions here:

Re-enact Korean Dramas

descendents-of-the-sunPhoto credit: Alpha Snow

Hallyu fans, this is probably the only chance you have to picture you and your fiance as the power couple in your favourite Korean drama. Descendents Of The Sun has been quite a hit among Singaporeans, and the hype hasn’t faded all too much.

Or go for something more classic like the cover of a Korean series, with plenty of natural lighting to back up the shoot. Photographers usually suggest studios or an indoor environment for this.

Recreate Your Childhood To The Day You Tie The Knot

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You and your fiance can take separate photos of the both of you in different stages of life: eg. from school days till the day you tie the knot. The photos will be arranged in a chronological order to tell a story of how the both of you slowly found each other as you’re growing up. This can be a great way of learning more about your life partner, and will forever remind you of your love story as childhood sweethearts.

uwang-studio-prewedding-couplePhoto credit: U Wang Studio

Make It As Singaporean As Possible

hawker-centre-prewedding-singaporePhoto credit: One Eye Click

Include elements that are uniquely Singaporean in your wedding photoshoot, for example: HDB, NS, hawker centres, MRT, and so forth. You can also opt to act out typical Singaporean situations in your photoshoot, like how you ‘choped’ each other for life.

singapore mrt prewedding photoshootPhoto credit: Digio Bridal

Too Tired To Stand? Lie Down!

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You know those cute photos of sleeping babies in costumes who look like they’re running or flying, but they’re actually lying horizontally on their beds? You can do the same too! Get creative with your photographer and prove to the public that your love defies gravity.

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Pretend You’re In An Action Movie

action-movie-preweddingPhoto credit: Colette Horne

Love is all about taking risks anyway! If you’re fit enough and you’re really up for it, you can wow your friends and family with some photos worthy to be used as action movie posters. 

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Like what you see? Connect with our talented photographers on Kaodim to recreate some of these photoshoots, or simply join forces to come up with something even better! You definitely want a professional to capture these shots, because most amateur photographers lack the equipment, creativity and technical skills needed to achieve such stunning shots.

Don’t restrict yourself when it comes to pre-wedding photoshoots. Go all out and most importantly, have lots of fun. After all, it’s something for you to remember and cherish. The process of taking these creative photos could be a whole new experience for you and your spouse too!

written by Esther Chung