Affordable Ways To Have A Spa In Your Bathroom


Everyone wants to be pampered after a long day at work. If you turn your bathroom into a spa, you don’t have to spend hundreds at a hotel to get your relaxation on. It doesn’t take much to style it into an area of perfect relaxation and tranquility. Once you’re through with this, you will have a bathroom that looks like it was taken straight out of a magazine.

Deep Clean Your Bathroom

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A cluttered and messy bathroom will never make you feel zen and at peace. The first thing you need to do is to declutter and throw out anything that you don’t use anymore. It is also good if you could start organising. Buy little baskets or organisers so that everything has it’s own place. A neat and clean area will instantly lift up your mood. Need help? Contact our professional Singaporean cleaners via Kaodim Direct at fixed rates! 

Buy Fluffy Bathrobes

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Bathrobes are designed to ensure comfort and relaxation and that is exactly what you need after a long day. Full-length Turkish bathrobes are rather popular for their thick warmth and comfort. But if you want something that dries easily, opt for terry-cloth bathrobes as they’re extremely lightweight, soft and reasonably absorbent as well.

Jazz Up The Bathroom With Candles & Soft Music

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Candles and gentle music have been known to help relax the mind and release the tension in your body. Scented candles such as rose, vanilla musk and sandalwood are the spas’ all-time favourites. You could also get Bluetooth speakers to elevate the experience. 

Include Faux Wood Tiles

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The feel of wood is great when it comes to wanting to create a bathroom that feels like a spa. Wood channels the raw element of nature, which will transport you to a time where everything feels peaceful and zen. It is water resistant and since it’s faux, you have all the design options you can choose from so your choices are limitless at this point! If you need help, seek for contractors simply by requesting for quotes at Kaodim!

Introduce Plants

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If you truly want a spa-like experience, include a few plants and watch your space transform before your eyes because nothing oozes nature as well as greenery. Due to the fact that bathrooms are generally humid, the plants you pick should be able to thrive under such conditions. Bamboo plants are the perfect epitome of zen. Other options you might like are orchids and peace lilies, as they adapt well to humid environments. 

Use these tips to transform your bathroom into a luxury spa. If you need help getting started with the cleaning, head on over to Kaodim Direct for professional cleaners at affordable rates!

written by Tashya Viknesh