Amazing Bedroom Lights That Are Good For Your Kids

Choosing the lightings for your kids’ bedroom is not just a matter of preference. The type of bedroom lights you install can have good or bad effects on your child’s sleep quality, which directly impacts their health as well. It also affects their productivity, especially if they’re used to doing their homework in their rooms. There are usually two types of lightings that people install in bedrooms: ambient and task lighting.

Ambient lighting is also called general lighting, as this is the one responsible for lighting up the room. The brightness should be at a comfortable level – not too glaring, not too dim.

Task lighting, on the other hand, should be bright enough to aid you in performing a task.

To ensure your kid has a comfortable and healthy environment, consider installing some of these fun-looking lights instead:

For ambient lighting

balloon ambient bedroom lights
Photo credit: Bored Panda Shop

pink balloon bedroom lights
Photo credit: All New Home Designs

Ambient lighting doesn’t have to come from only a single lamp: you can put up as many bulbs in any design you want. You can create a dreamy atmosphere by installing a few balloon-shaped lightbulbs in your kids’ room, just like the photos above.

If you still prefer to invest in a single lamp that is bright enough to illuminate the room, get one of these cool ceiling lamps:

space-themed bedroom
Photo credit: Tradejo


captain america ceiling lamp
Photo credit: Everything Hollywood

Night lights

Most of us prefer to install night lights for our kids, especially the younger ones, thinking it will help them sleep better and without fear. Depending on the type of night lights, some of them are actually bad for sleep. If left switched on, night lamps with white and blue-based lights ‘trick’ the brain into thinking that it’s still daylight due to its brightness.

Red-based lights, however, are better. Its high wavelength does not inhibit the release of sleep hormones needed for a good night’s sleep.

heart-shaped red night light
Photo credit: Stephen Coburn

For task lighting

minion desk lamp
Photo credit: AliExpress

If your kids usually do their homework or read in their rooms, it’s a good idea to install at least one desk lamp to help them with it. A bright desk lamp, coupled with the comfortable glow of the general lighting, will make studying easier on the eyes.

To add some fun into the boring task of studying, why not use some of these cute lamps:

pink desk lamp with rabbit ears
Photo credit: The Land of Nod


elephant desk lamps
Photo credit: Living Big on Little

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written by Esther Chung