How To Incorporate Oriental Elements into Your Home

Living in an Eastern nation means that we’re exposed to all forms of oriental art on a daily basis. From traditional kampung houses on stilts, to narrow and long Peranakan homes with their one of a kind architecture, the nation is rich in interior decorating ideas that are distinctly Asian.

Many of the eastern heritage interior decorating styles incorporate elements of nature and reflect the customs and beliefs of Asian people, which often prioritizes harmonious relationships and a balance between opposing elements. If you would like some ideas on how to incorporate oriental designs into your home, here are some ways to get started:

1. Place Chinese Porcelain Items Around Your Living Room

Photo credit: Zillow

Chinese porcelain, or China is an age old material that was developed centuries ago. It is usually made into kitchenware like pots, bowls and plates. Porcelain is also available as vases and flower pots. They can also take on various decorative shapes like dragons and Pekingese dogs. Even one or two of these items in any room will add an air of luxury and refinement. Porcelain is often white with blue painted embellishments, but can also be red or green in colour to mimic jade and other precious stones.

2. Place Bamboo On The Walls

Photo credit: Moretti Interior Design

Bamboo is found in the traditional homes of many Eastern culture, including Japanese, Koreans, Chinese and Vietnamese homes. You can place them as dividers by having a bamboo foldable screen or  place furniture made of bamboo in your home. Alternatively, create an alcove where you can artistically display bamboo in its natural state.

3. The Straight Lines of Japanese Sliding Doors

Photo credit: Houserio

Vertical and horizontal lines are the hallmarks of Japanese traditional homes and you can have these calming elements in your bedroom. They don’t have to be real sliding doors, and can just be panels on the wall. The main goal is to create straight lines that convey a sense of calm and comfort.

4. Elegant Eastern Lacquer Pieces

Photo credit: Top 100 Designs

Lacquer is an art form where wood is covered in many layers of specially formulated natural materials until they shine. Most lacquerware are also inlaid with ivory, pearl or seashell to form highlights and designs depicting scenes from nature or from ancient times. Lacquer furniture pieces will not look out of place, even in modern rooms as they’re really versatile and usually come in red or black.

5. Place Intricate Persian Rugs on the Floor

Photo credit: Little Persia

Rugs from the middle east have always been popular all over the world, due to their intricate and beautiful designs as well as durability. You can always place one in the living room as a conversation piece, or to complement your furniture. Try to stick with plain monochromatic furniture as these will suit the Persian rug perfectly.

If you noticed, placing only one or two Eastern elements in a room is enough to bring it to life and give it more character and personality. You can always take the opportunity to really bring out your own eastern preferred heritage and culture, which will definitely make your home more charming and definitely more unique.

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written by Michelle Chee