Aspiring Beam of Light: Making Small Spaces Look Larger

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A lot of times, people will make the mistake of underestimating or overestimating the space available within a room. Individuals who are often new to the big city in search of greener pastures, fall victim to this scenario. Instead of finding a new more prominent place which may prove to be more costly, they often settle for the place and feel a bit cramped up inside.

However, there’s a trick that a lot of smart individuals utilize that have a unique way of “visually” increasing the space of a small room. These people use the light. It’s a known fact that lighting has a significant impact on interior design. When it comes to choosing light sources, most seasoned interior designers opt to use unconventional light sources such as desk lamps and lampshades.

Although traditional means like chandeliers and ceiling lamps are still good options, these sources don’t necessarily create a bigger or wider space. Instead, cumbersome and large pendant-style lights make it smaller because of their big appearance. Here are some more tips for using the light as a means to improve a small room.

Small But Effective

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Although desk lamps and free standing lamps are still safe to use in small spaces, most interior designers often utilize track lighting for smaller-sized rooms.

Track lighting is several small lights that are joined together by a “track” which is joining lights to a single sturdy rod or a flexible but strong cord. These lights are bright enough to illuminate a room and make them more spacious inside.

Painting walls white and using these track lights can vastly improve in visually expanding the room. These types of fixtures are very efficient and are more affordable than conventional lighting that could otherwise make a room appear much smaller.

Mirrors and Walls

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A popular way that interior designers use to enlarge a small space or room is by utilizing mirrors and hanging them on white walls with ample illumination. A lot of designers use this inexpensive trick to expand a room cleverly. The method involves using a medium-sized light fixture which directs the light to the walls. The mirrors then reflect the light, making the room look more spacious than before.

Using Direction and Recessed Lighting

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Another way to increase a room’s size visually is by using varying amounts of light. The direction in which light is reflected also counts in making a place look vast. For small spaces, recessed lighting is a good way to improve a small room’s visuals.

Using recessed lighting with accents and fixtures with a more modern style can do wonders and can visually impress you and your guests when they look or step into the room.


A lot of people encounter small living spaces in the major cities most the time. People often compensate by living in small spaces through cleaning and avoiding any clutter. However, being clutter and grime-free isn’t the only way to make a room much larger. By cleverly using lights, individuals can brighten up and enlarge their spaces.

Using recessed lighting, track lighting, and manipulating reflection and direction of light can all become effective ways in making a room appear visually larger. Get professionals to help you with lighting repair and light installation at! For expert tips from international interior designers on decorating and illuminating a small room, read this.

Guest Author: Zachary McGavin is a writer and a blogger. He is an interior designer by heart which is why his topics revolve around home improvement and lighting. When not writing, Zach enjoys going to the beach and spending time with his wife and daughter.