Average Prices Of Home Services On Kaodim


If you’ve always wanted to know how much an average cleaning session costs, or how much to fork out for a one-time aircon service, you’ve arrived at the right place. We’re here to answer your questions and grant you the clarity of mind so you can go ahead and book services without worrying about being overcharged. Before you book, find out how much these services cost so you can get more bang for your buck!

Household Cleaning

Household chores are time-consuming and tiring, which is where professional cleaners come in handy. Kaodim has a long list of potential house cleaners you can choose from and our base prices start from only $18! Now that is a steal. Click here to find out more!

Aircon Servicing

In Singapore, everyday feels like the middle of summer, so having your aircon serviced is essential to prevent the filters from collecting too much dust. From just $80, Kaodim can offer you free quotes from aircond service professionals.

Plumbing Services

Do you have a bad clog that you can’t seem to get on top off? Hire an expert so you can get to the base of the problem right away! With prices starting from $70, there is no excuse for not hiring a professional.

Residential Moving

Moving all your furniture by yourself might not be a good idea. You could risk breaking something valuable during the move if it isn’t properly wrapped. Kaodim offers professional movers who are well-equipped and experienced, starting from $300.

Home Renovation

Before you overhaul your home design for a new one, you need certified, experienced contractors and we have just the right people for that. Check here for the average prices of certain services pertaining to home renovation.

Autogate Installation

If you are thinking of having an autogate installed for extra security and convenience, head on over to Kaodim to find a professional to install yours because it is an amazing addition to the house. Average prices start from $200 only!

At Kaodim, our team strives to make sure that everything you decide to do is achievable at an affordable price. Our service providers have complete understanding of the market prices. We understand that it’s hard to commit when you don’t know how much a project costs, so we hope that this article has helped in some way. If you need more information or a free quote, check out the full list of prices here, then head on over to Kaodim to get all the help you need!

written by Tashya Viknesh