Beautifully Bare Concrete Bathrooms That Celebrate Minimalism

Minimalism is one of the hottest design trends today and is a favourite among hipsters. You can see this in many modern cafes where bare brick walls and single hanging light bulbs are the order of the day.

Bare concrete bathrooms used to be the norm in low-cost houses but that’s not the case anymore. Now they’re being adopted by the trendiest hotels and home developers. Here are some examples of how concrete themed bathrooms can be given an upscale touch and look refined and elegant:

1) Concrete Compliments a Sunken Bathtub

Natural light floods into this fully concrete bathroom through the courtyard that has been spread with gravel. A sunken bathtub provides a relaxing bath option, with a sense of largeness and space. The shiny stone floors help add a sense of largess to the bathroom, as do the glass embellishments on one of the walls.

Photo credit: Rilane

2) The Organically Rustic Bathroom

Concrete bathrooms don’t have to look boring. Here, a wooden counter has been added for that natural, organic and natural touch. A colourful rug adds to the cheerful atmosphere, balancing out the dull grey tones of the concrete for a much more balanced theme.

Photo credit: Home Portfolio

3) Luxury is a Multi-functional Bathroom

This bathroom is at the Luxe Hotel in Portugal, and your eye is immediately drawn to the wooden chair in the middle. The multilayered concrete seating area features a small fountain, making the bathroom feel like a rest area where you can spend many leisurely hours. Both the natural swirls of the cement on the walls and the mosaic of pebbles create a very three-dimensional slant, which is both invigorating and relaxing.

Photo credit: Excellent Magazine

4) Minimalism Meets Classic

In this bathroom, furniture from a French Chateau seems to have made their way to a contemporary concrete bathroom. Although they’re from opposing themes, these two elements come together beautifully too, especially the pinks and the greys, to give us a harmonious blend of old and new.

Photo credit: Decoholic

5) The Attic Skylight Bathroom

A curved bathtub sits beneath a curved roof with several skylight windows that let in the bright sunshine for a clean and refreshing feeling. Chandeliers make the space more interesting and help provide soft light at night. Our eyes are of course drawn to the footstool that provides a pop of colour in the otherwise neutral background.

Photo credit: Rilane

6) Fusions with Raw Stone and Wood

In one of the roughest but beautiful fusions, this bathroom combines raw stone, concrete and rough logs to create a beautiful bathroom that looks just like the outdoors brought indoors. It has a very medieval element to it, and you can see how nature’s own patterns have been preserved without polishing or whitewashing.

Photo credit:

As these examples clearly illustrate, bathrooms don’t have to be opulent and overdone to be beautiful. It’s about keeping things fairly simple and using natural elements to add interesting aspects.

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written by Michelle Chee