These Are 2017’s Best Bathroom Designs

gorgeous bathroom design
Photo credit: Bathroom Design

Surely you must have had the urge to stay a little longer in the shower after a long day at work. A hot bath can be a very therapeutic activity in a high-stress environment such as Singapore. Allow yourself this little luxury – make your bathroom comfortable and chic so that every bath session feels like one in a spa. We’ve listed some of the best bathroom designs of the year here:

Clean colours

bathroom with clean colours and bathtub
Photo credit: Beneath My Heart

The trend this year is clean-coloured bathrooms. Think simple and pristine colours: light blue, white, milk, etc. Smooth walls and light-coloured tiles, glass doors and white marble sinks.

Go back a few centuries


victorian-styled bathroom
Photo credit: Tile Ideaz

According to Ideal Home, vintage-styled bathrooms are currently in vogue due to the popularity of period dramas such as Downton Abbey and The Crown. Choose between a Victorian-styled bathroom, an Edwardian one, or a 50s one.

For a Victorian-themed bathroom, go for floral wallpapers and thick mats. Brick-sized wall tiles for Edwardian bathrooms; and checkered tiles for the 50s.

Large tiles

large brown wall tiles
Photo credit: The Factory Outlet

2017 sees a trend of bathrooms with larger tiles, making the space look a little more elegant. Large tiles tend to have that effect, which also makes the room look slightly larger.

Include plants into your bathroom designs

green plant on sink
Photo credit: Minimalisti

Green plants evoke a sense of freshness in a space. Include one or two small-sized plants in your bathroom, it’ll definitely bring your bathroom to live.

Make it shine

bathroom with chandelier
Photo credit: Lights Online

A bathroom that gleams and shines has an opulent and clean look. Consider getting a mini chandelier for the bathroom, reflective tiles, and glass doors. Doesn’t it remind you of that lovely hotel you had your best staycation in?

Generous lighting

bathroom with mirror lighting
Photo credit: Home Designing

One lamp may be enough, but more is better. You don’t need to have them all switched on everytime you use the bathroom: install a white light, some mood lightings, and some dimmable ones. This gives you an option for all occasions, especially special ones *wink*

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written by Esther Chung