The Best of Wooden Countertops for Your Kitchens

Wooden countertops are one option for those choosing countertops for their kitchen. Compared to other options such as stone or marble, wooden ones are able to give the kitchen space a more organic and rustic feel. However, just like any other countertop, wooden ones have their own pros and cons.

What types of Wooden Countertops are There?

Most kitchen countertops are made of teak, cherry, oak and maple. Each type of wood has a unique shade of brown with its own unique vein patterns that are like fingerprints. No two countertops made from wood are alike. Wooden countertops can sometimes be stained with food-safe dyes to give them an even more unique look. These stains usually bring out the grains of the wooden surface and make them more obvious.

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What are Some of the Benefits of Wooden Countertops?

1. Uniquely Beautiful

For starters, wooden countertops are extremely beautiful and they’re the only type of countertop material that creates a warm and comforting atmosphere. They’re also warm to the touch and their natural grains let you feel much more comfortable. Wooden countertops go well if you have polished wooden floors and cabinets. They’re also wonderful when paired with stone walls or stone alcoves.

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2. A Great Work Surface

As mentioned before, wooden countertops are much warmer than stone or marble ones, which mean that they make the perfect surface for tenderizing and processing meat, as well as being warm to the touch. Wooden countertops are also gentle on knives and won’t wear them down as fast as stone and marble.

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3. Environmentally Friendly

Wooden surfaces are the only type that can are recyclable, meaning that new countertops can be made from reclaimed wood and old countertops can be recycled for other functions. Wood is a resource that is sustainable and can be regrown, making it a very green choice.

What are Some of the Weaknesses of Wooden Countertops?

Wooden countertops need to be sealed properly with several layers of sealant, otherwise water may seep into the wood and encourage the growth of fungi and bacteria which leads to the decomposition and rotting of the wood. Additionally, the wood has to be maintained periodically by re-finishing it and rubbing some wood oil every week to ensure that it’s not exposed to elements that may harm it.

Wood is also softer than stone and marble, making it prone to scratches and dents. This means that you’ll have to be more careful with the countertop. However, some home owners regard these marks as normal wear and tear that gives the surface its own character over time.

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The choice of whether or not to have wooden countertops depends entirely on the mood you want to create in your kitchen. Apart from the small effort needed to maintain the countertops on a regular basis, the rest of your experience will no doubt be rich and problem-free. If wooden countertops are totally your style, you’ll need the help of some of Kaodim’s renovators on your side to work some kitchen magic.

written by Michelle Chee