These are the Best Times To Move House in Singapore

Moving is not as simple as packing your things and calling the movers – it’s about choosing the right day and time to move too. We’ve consulted our professional movers and identified some of the best times to relocate to make the moving process much more convenient and cost-efficient for you and your household.

Choose a weekday

moving boxes in new home
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Moving on weekends will cost slightly more than if you were to move on a weekday.

For those moving into a HDB, remember that movers are not permitted to help you move in and out during Sundays and public holidays. They’re also only permitted to move between 9am and 1pm on Saturdays.

Move house during the school holidays

Asian children carrying box
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Moving during the school holidays means that you can get your kids involved in the process too. An extra hand is always useful and it could be an exciting time for them as well. You can also avoid disrupting their tuition classes or homework sessions when you move during their school break.

Between March till August

empty room with boxes
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The weather in Singapore is warm all year long, but you will want to avoid the months between September and February, as that’s the length of the rainy season and heavy rain is to be expected during those months. While the weather may feel a little more cooling for this heavy-duty operation, heavy rain can be cumbersome especially when you have wooden furniture and boxes.

Move before 5.30pm

rush hour traffic in singapore
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Moving during rush hour is not only troublesome but also a costly affair. There will most likely be an extra surcharge if you choose to move during high traffic hours, especially if it’s a long distance between your old and new home. You’ll be able to get your stuff settled faster when you move house during the low peak period.

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written by Esther Chung