Want A Bigger Looking Home but Don’t Want To Spend? We Got You!

In this day and age, it’s getting increasingly difficult to find a decently spaced home with a reasonable price point. So unless you’re able to afford a big house or apartment, you might need to get creative in order to avoid your home looking like a cramped storeroom.

So, here are some home decor tips to maximize your space and make your home look spacious without actually expanding your property!

1.Hang curtains above your window frame

This is one of the easiest ways to enlarge your space. Hanging curtains above the window frame creates the illusion of a higher ceiling – and it looks more luxurious too! 

2.Choose the right color for your walls

If your home has lots of windows and you get plenty of natural light, it’s highly recommended that you paint your walls in light colors, such as white, beige, or even light gray. The light-colored paint will reflect the natural light and make your space look even bigger. Conversely, if your room gets little to no natural light, it may be better to go for darker colors like soft black, dark gray, or navy blue. This will create a more intimate and luxurious feel. 

3.Install mirrors across your windows or door frames

The most common method that shops or restaurants use to make their space look bigger is by clever placement of mirrors, and you can do the same too! Place large mirrors directly across from windows or doorways to make your space appear twice as large.

4. Add storage furniture to cut down the clutter

Random clutter is usually what makes your space feel cramped. Invest in some chairs with storage compartments, or other similar furniture to put your little knick-knacks in. Now you have more space and aesthetic furnishing!

Our home is our safe haven, so we have to make sure we’re comfortable in it – and a cramped space surely won’t help that! These are just some of the tips you can DIY to make your space appear and feel bigger! If you’re looking for reliable home services, Kaodim got your back for your home improvement needs! We have handyman service, renovation service, painting service and more. Check out on our website or download the kaodim app now!