Every Book Lover Needs a Book Den. Here’s How to Make One!


You love books and wish you had a library to store all your favourite titles (there are too many of them). Unfortunately, space is precious in your condo or HDB to house a library like the one in Beauty and the Beast. So why not settle for a cosy little book den instead?

What’s a book den?

book den by the window
Photo credit: Home Depot

A book den is a mini library, usually located in a small corner of the house. It can be as simple as a couch set in the corner of a room with two tall bookshelves. A soft rug with cushion surrounded by low shelves of books can be an ideal mini library too. It’s really up to you!

First, identify the space.

small library with shelves
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Identify the room you want to set up your book den in. It can be the empty hallway in your house, the living room, dining area, or even bedroom. This is based on your preference: where do you usually like to read, which is the quietest place in the house, which is the coolest place in the house, etc. Of course, the place you choose should not be too cluttered and should have sufficient space for at least one bookshelf.

Then, get the shelves in.

attic book den
Photo credit: Home Designing

Depending on the number of books you have, you can opt for a tall or low shelf to store them. If there’s limited ground space, opt for wall shelves instead of bookshelves. Before you go hunting for new bookshelves, it’s good to see if you can recycle your existing ones so you can avoid spending too much on this new home project.

Create the reading area.

book den
Photo credit: House and Home

Choose a chair or cushion that you’re comfortable with and place it near the shelves. You can even put a few bean bags there if you like. The key to this is comfort. Feel free to add a soft rug or rocking chair if that’s how you like to enjoy your book!

Finally, arrange your books.

book shelf under stairs
Photo credit: Artibonite

Organise your books according to alphabetical order, according to authors, according to genre, or according to length. Make sure it’s organised in a manner that you’re familiar with, so you can find your favourite books easily whenever you want. You can separate each author, alphabet, or genre with random decorative objects from around the house, eg. sea shells, vase, photo frames, etc.

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written by Esther Chung