5 Brilliant Ways To Maximise A Small Space

Beautiful small bedroom
Photo Credit: rewls.com

Do you live in a small apartment? Then you must be exhausted… from running out of precious space.

The annoying thing about tiny places is that you’re forced to scale down on your preferred designs and decorative items because space is always an issue.

But if you think that you’ve completely maxed out every free inch of space in your home, we’re here to assure you with these space-saving tips to help your home appear more spacious:

1. Built-in shelves

Shelves attached to wall
Photo Credit: American HWY

Are you a book fanatic with an extensive book collection? Try utilising the empty walls around your apartment as built-in shelves, so your walls can double as bookshelves and feature walls! Pretty creative, huh?

2. Sliding doors

Modern panel between rooms
Photo Credit: Soozxer

Replacing regular doors with sliding ones will open up the room while offering a slice of elegance to the interior. You can also request for made-to-measure sliding doors, and have them customised to suit your home’s theme and style.

3. Corner shelves

Modern floating corner shelves
Photo Credit: Dekorpa

Want a cool alternative for bookshelves? Wall-mounted shelves can transform a boring space into a nifty, space-saving abode.

4. Door-less wardrobe

Beautiful doorless wardrobe to save space
Photo Credit: torahenfamilia.com

Wardrobes can be annoyingly bulky, and they eat up a lot of space. So go door-less! Transform your corner of your room into a boutique-like area, where you can freely display your clothes and shoes with pride.

5. Lofted bedroom

Beautiful lofted bedroom
Photo Credit: Ella Hoy 

Bunk beds have not gone out of style, and they’ll probably stick around for a while because of their brilliant space-conserving technique. Don’t be surprised that many lofts and studio apartments in thriving metropolises like New York City, Tokyo and other parts of the globe have resorted to lofted beds as a lifestyle.

If you need help getting those built-in shelves, sliding doors and lofted bedrooms, contact our trusted home contractors for a quick makeover, or seek professional advice from our talented interior designers on Kaodim. Whatever your home calls for, we’ve got your back.


written by Carissa Gan & Shee Wen