To All the Bulbs I’ve Burst Before

Dear Bulbs,

It’s been a long time since I thought of you.

It hurt when I burst you— not just for you, but for myself as well. I was young and foolish then, and now I can only think of you fondly.


Every person who has experienced a failed light bulb DIY fix.

1. “The first and last time I ever replaced a bulb myself was when my dorm room light blew and I didn’t check the wattage before replacing it. My parents had a spare bulb lying around the house so I just took it back with me after dinner. The power tripped after I replaced the bulb and the dorm discovered I was the culprit! I got fined; I guess it could have been worst.” — Amsyar, 28

2. “I broke my living room’s light socket while replacing a bulb. I thought I could pull a DIY fix for the bulb, so I went ahead and bought a new plastic socket. In the end, I accidentally ripped out the connecting wires as the insulation was old and hard to strip. Only then did I call an electrician, and learnt that it costs more to replace everything than if I had just called him in the first place.” — Jun Wei, 32

3. “A few months ago, I watched my younger brother try to replace a bulb that burnt out after being left on for a long time. He burnt his fingers before I could tell him that it was probably still too hot to touch with bare hands. I still laugh about it, but his fingers (and ego) were really hurt that day.” — Stephanie, 21

4. “When my wife and I moved in to a rental flat, one of the bedrooms had a burnt bulb in a matter of days. We were incredibly frustrated and I insisted that the landlord called an electrician. He cut the power to the faulty light fixture, and disconnected it from the junction box. He eventually found out that there was a loose wire connecting them together, which resulted in a fluctuating current through the bulb, and consequentially caused the bulb to burn out. We haven’t had a problem since.”— Gerald, 43

5. “As an electrician, I have heard some customers complain that their bulbs burn out very quickly. Sometimes this is because they used recessed or covered light fixtures, so the excess heat buildup can cause light bulbs to burn out. Sometimes they can even cause a small house fire! So just leave everything to us, which will save a lot of trouble.” — Peter, 56


And there you have it. Sure, you can (try to) replace a blown bulb yourself, but anything more serious than that is best left to the experts. Put that screwdriver down, and get a free quote from Kaodim today!