How To Pull Off Red Walls For Chinese New Year

Commonly known as the luckiest colour in Chinese tradition, red naturally becomes the most popular colour to use during Chinese New Year. Department stores, and especially shopping malls, have replaced Christmas-themed decorations with a sea of red lanterns and setup.

Sometimes the red decorations in the malls are overdone, and you probably think it’s a really braash shade to use for your rooms’ walls. But if teamed with the right textures and colours, red will add wonders to your place. Being a strong and bright colour, you don’t need a lot of accessories to glam up your space.

So don’t be afraid of the shade. Here are some simple ways to decorate your red-walled space this Chinese New Year:

Don’t paint them all red

red feature wall
Photo credit: Studio

Red is a strong and warm colour, thus it’s best used for feature walls. A red feature wall with white walls is a really modern design. The white helps balance out the heat, presenting you with a cool but bright room.

An oriental dining room for Chinese New Year

red dining area
Photo credit: Thomas Loof

So you don’t want to paint the whole wall red? That’s fine. Just paint the trimming and wrap the walls in an oriental-themed wallpaper. Choose a shade that has a high gloss finish, and spruce up the room with a vintage chandelier and some gorgeous flowers.

Pair red walls with wood

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Red walls go very well with wooden furniture. This look is great for kitchens if you’re going for the popular rustic style. For a modern kitchen look, you can opt for black instead of brown kitchen cabinets.

White kitchen cabinets will look neat against the red walls as well, making the space look slightly brighter and younger.

Try red wallpapers

red wallpaper in living room
Photo credit: Amazing Living Room

Not really sure about painting your whole wall red? Get a red wallpaper with patterns instead. Wallpapers with patterns can add some texture to the room, giving it a sort of nostalgic vibe. Depending on the type of design used, these wallpapers can make your living room look really elegant too!

Pair red with red

red walls with red cushion
Photo credit: Clean Design

We understand you don’t want to go overboard with the colour, however, a little bit of red can go really well with your red walls. Having some little things in red in the room – red cushions, carpets with red lining, little red coasters, etc. – will blend in really well with the Chinese New Year theme.

Now that you know how to pull off red walls beautifully, let us at Kaodim help you get the paint job done! We’ll send you some quotations for free so you can pick a service provider and get ready to decorate your home for this spring season!


written by Esther Chung