How to clean your home after being ill


After recovering from an illness, you also need to recover your home from germs. This is super important especially if you or your family members have a contagious illness in the home but worry not here are a few ways you can get your home cleaned after being ill. 

Give Your Home A House Cleaning 

The first thing to do is to clean the house. It is important to take steps to prevent others from falling ill or getting recurring illnesses. Currently, viruses are very tricky because they can last a long time on certain items, such as kitchen utensils or other household items, for more than 3 days. To keep parts of your house even more clean like the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom you might want to opt for thorough cleaning service to rid your home surfaces for germs, dirt and grime. 

Mattress Cleaning

When you are sick, you or your family will spend a lot of time lying on the bed. It’s very important that you clean the mattress thoroughly. You can start cleaning from replacing the bed sheet with a clean one. But you need to remember that changing the bedsheet will never be enough to completely eliminate the germs. You need to wash your mattress too by booking a professional mattress cleaning service, and we will assist you after the Circuit Breaker. 


Besides that, it’s also important for you to put your dirty bed sheet directly in the washing machine with a temperature of 60C. This is the standard done by hospitals in eradicating viruses that stick to fabric, especially in the case of Coronavirus.


Regular cleaning is fine, but it cannot completely kill germs and viruses in your home. Germs and viruses are a microorganism that easily sticks anywhere, so even though you have cleaned every space in your house, there still might be viruses left. But fret not! We have a residential disinfection service where you can get rid of 99.9% of germs and viruses by using a misting process which is non-toxic and able to kill the airborne viruses too, plus it can last up to 30 days. 

Don’t let the remaining germs and viruses stick around your house and attack your family and home! Book our disinfection & cleaning package now to clean and disinfect your house thoroughly. If you need other cleaning services, like sofa cleaning, carpet cleaning, and others you can just book it from Kaodim and we will assist you after the Circuit Breaker.