Must do cleaning to keep your home healthy

Don’t worry about that mess, our cleaning and disinfection experts are here to help you! This lockdown/circuit breaker period can be overwhelming, but that doesn’t mean your house should be in a mess. Check out these services which you can get during and after the circuit breaker.

UltraCare Disinfection Services

Disinfection should be included in your cleaning routine to get the germs out of your home, especially during this global pandemic outbreak. This is important because viruses and bacteria are easily spread through airborne particles, which can be attached to the surfaces of your home and can make you and your family sick. Doorknobs are among the highest risk to spread the virus and germs from 1 individual to another individual. Viruses and germs that are originally airborne like influenza, salmonella, and others will be able to stick to your doorknob for several days. Get our UltraCare Disinfection service to reduce harmful microorganism from your home and reduce the risk of you falling sick from various illnesses, our disinfectant is non-toxic and eco-friendly. 

Sofa Cleaning

According to The American Council on Science and Health, the researchers state our mattress could be home to 10 million dust mites. These bugs are gross and they are a huge contributor to allergy problems. Besides that, your sofa can also become these bugs’ home too! Therefore, it is important to call a professional to clean your mattress, sofa and even carpets to get rid of any unwanted germs, dirt mites and bacteria. Be sure you book our Sofa and mattress cleaning service now and we will assist you once the circuit breaker is lifted. 

House Cleaning

You might spend more time preparing meals at home during this circuit breaker period. However, have you cleaned your kitchen areas, appliances and refrigerator properly before food preparation? There are more than 100,000 times more germs present in your kitchen sink, cabinet, microwave and even cutting boards than in your bathroom. These harmful germs can cause many diseases. Let us give you a hand after the circuit breaker period and we’ll help keep your home clean and organized regularly. 

If you need help with cleaning your home, book Kaodim cleaning services now and we will serve you once the circuit breaker is lifted. If you need UltraCare disinfection service during this circuit breaker period, you can book us now and our experts will assist you with getting rid of viruses and germs.