How To Create A Beautiful Vintage-Style Bedroom


With theĀ Downton Abbey exhibition currently happening in Marina Bay Sands, some of us might be having the Downton fever all over again. If you’re feeling the hype and can’t seem to get enough of the period drama, why not channel some of that energy into decorating your bedroom in a vintage style?

It’s actually not that difficult. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Get some pastel floral fabric

vintage floral patterns
Photo credit: Decoholic

Think floral and pastel colours when you think vintage. It’s like Cath Kidston, but in much lighter and softer hues. You can get these in the form of curtains, duvet, and pillow covers.

2. Paint your walls in a neutral shade

cosy bedroom
Photo credit: Ideal Home

Neutral-coloured walls are the most classic look. Not only does it remind you of bygone eras, they look really elegant and can be very versatile when it comes to matching furniture colours.

3. Put in some antique furniture

antique dressing table
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The vintage look won’t be complete without an antique piece in the room. It doesn’t necessarily need to be an antique bedroom furniture: it could be a writing desk, antique chest, or even an old box. This piece will set the mood for your room.

4. Add some lace

lace vintage lamps
Photo credit: Etsy

Nothing says vintage more than lace. Lay a lace table cloth on your dressing table or bedside drawer, get lace lamps or pillow covers with some Chantilly lace. It doesn’t necessarily have to be white lace, you can choose any colour that matches your bedroom’s colour scheme.

5. Got no headboard? Make one.

diy vintage headboard
Photo credit: Riciclo Creativo

This is where you can exercise your creativity to your heart’s content. You can use some of the old, unused items you have at home – like old shutters – and repurpose them as headboards. If you don’t have any, feel free to paint a vintage design on the wall to make your room a little artsier.

6. Install a mannequin

vintage mannequin
Photo credit: Tim Young

For some reasons, mannequins add on to the vintage look in any space. The best part about it is that it’s more than just a decorative piece. You can use it to store your necklaces and frequently-used jackets for convenience.

7. Cover the floor

vintage bedroom rug
Photo credit: Fresh Design Pedia

Nevermind if you don’t have any perfect carpets or rugs at home – used and fadedĀ ones add to the whole vintage look. Rugs always make a bedroom look cosier.

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written by Esther Chung